CG board assignment 05 class 12 English full solutions//अंग्रेजी assignment 05 class 12

 Chhattisgarh Board Of Secondary Education, Raipur Academic Session 2021-22 Month

         December Assignment - 05


                  Subject - English

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Instruction:- Attempt all the questions as per given instructions.

Q.1- Who is the Tiger King? Why does he get that name?

Ans- The maharaja of pratibandapuram his highness Jamedar-General , Khiledar Major is known as the tiger king. At the time of his birth, the chief astrologer of the state declared that a tiger would be the cause of his death. Hearing this the prince growled and pledged that he would prove the prophecy wrong and kill 100 tigers. Thus he got the name tiger king.

Q 2. Why was the Maharaja so anxious to kill the hundredth tiger?

Ans.The Maharaja was very much anxious and kill the hundredth tiger because it was predicted by the astrologer that he should be more careful of the hundredth tiger as he would die because of the tiger. To falsify the prediction, the Maharaja was keenly ambitious to kill the hundredth tiger. Consequently he killed ninety-nine tigers and his dewan arranged for the last tiger. The Maharaja aimed at it but it fainted. Later on the guards killed it.

Q. 3- Change the voice -

A) My bicycle has been stolen.

Ans- Someone has stolen my bicycle.

B) Abdul gave me a pen.

 Ans- A pen was given to me by Abdul.

C) He likes tea.

Ans-Tea is liked by him.

D) When will the work finish?

 Ans - When will the work be finished.

E) Shut the window.

Ans- let the window be shut.

Q.4- Change the narration.

A) Joe said, "My favourite game is cricket."

Ans- Joe said that his favourite game was cricket.

B) Sheela said to my friend," I like coffee".

Ans-Sheela told my friend that she likes coffee.

C) My brother said to me, "Go home."

Ans - My brother ordered me to go home.

D) She said to me, "Have you taken my wrist watch?"

Ans - She asked me whether I had taken her wrist watch.

Q.5- Do as directed.

A) An old man-------- was carrying the suitcase knocked at the door.

Ans     -was

C) The books which the professor assigned were very expensive.

(Write the type of clause.)

Ans- noun clause

E) I wondered what he was doing there. (Identify the noun clauses in the following sentence).

Ans- what he was doing there.

F) He replied that he would come. (Identify the noun clauses in the following sentence).

Ans- that he would come.

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