CG board assignment 06 January class 10 English full solutions 2022//छत्तीसगढ़ बोर्ड कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी असाइनमेंट 06 का सम्पूर्ण हल 2022

 CG board assignment 06 January class 10 English full solutions 2022

छत्तीसगढ़ बोर्ड कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी असाइनमेंट 06 का सम्पूर्ण हल 2022

cg board assignment 06 class 10 English full solutions 2022, assignment 06 January 2022, CG board assignment 06 January class 10 English full solutions

Chhattisgarh Board Of Secondary Education, Raipur Academic Session 2021-22 Month January

               Assignment - 06

                   Class - X

               Subject - English

Total marks 20

Instruction:- Attempt all the questions as per given instructions.

Q. 1Answer the following questions in about 100 words.

 Write about the three generations of the narrator's family who had relentless passion of being a writer? 1x 3= 3 Marks

Answer. In the chapter, " Daddy's enduring script " written by Amara Bhavani Dev, the three generations of the narrator's family had a relentless Passion of being a writer. Author's father resigned from AIR to pursue with relentless passion of being a writer. Also the author has been very much interested in writing. She has always seen her father's writing skills since her childhood. Also, the sister of the author had a relentless passion for writing. Both the author and her sister won many prizes for their writing skills. Also the children of the author liked to write and become a writer.

So, these are the three generation - the author, her father and her children, who had passion of being a writer.

Q.2Write a paragraph on 'Global Warning' on the basis of given hints.

1x 4= 4 Marks

(a) Rise the average temperatare.

(b) Ice began to melt.

(c) Due to emission of green house gases.

(d) Causes: Deforestation, pollution.

(e) Planting trees.

Answer- Greenhouse effect and deforestation has been the biggest reason behind global warming. The earth is a beautiful place for a human, but its temperature is being high day by day. This calls 'Global Warming'. That's mean the entire world is being warmer. It's not a good thing for the future.

According to expert opinion, the world after a couple of hundred years will be unable to live in the level of carbon dioxide keeps increasing. Could you imagine, how threatening is this? Our future generation is in deep danger. We have to gift them a better and safer world. 

There are still some solutions that could bring some changes. Climate change is one of the biggest reasons behind it. As you are following the seasons are really changing every year, they are changing their effects. Its climate change. The entire world will face this. Few counties will sink under the sea because of that effect.

But still, we can prevent this if we become aware. Most of the situations are made by a human. Several types of pollution and deforestation are the main reason for global warming and climate change. We need to stop it. Everyone should start planting more and more trees. That's the biggest solution.

Q.3Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions. (any four)

1x 4-4 Marks

Einstein was solving the most difficult problems in physics but his private life was unravelling. Albert had wanted to marry Mileva right after finishing his studies but his mother was against it. She thought Mileva was too old for him. She was also bothered by Mileva's intelligence. "She is a bookworm like you" his mother said. And so Einstein put off his wedding.

(i) Why did Einstein's mother oppose his marriage with Mileva?

(ii) Who was older of the two? (iii) Why did Einstein put the wedding off?

(iv) Which attribute of Mileva bothered Einstein's mother?

(v) Which word in the passage means the same as 'Post poned'.

(i)Answer - Einstein's mother opposed his marriage with Mileva because she was too old for him. She also didn't like her intelligence.

(ii)Answer- Mileva pause older than Einstein.

(iii)Answer- Einstein put the wedding off because his mother was against it.

(iv)Answer- Mileva's intelligence bothered Einstein's mother. His mother said that she also read books too much just like Einstein.

(v) Answer-put off.

Q.4Match the Column A with Column B.

1x 5=5 Marks

A                                             B

(1) so we went to snack bar.          (1) I am so weak

(2) We had not eaten anything।   (2) that I cannot walk

(3) This is the cricket stadium।     (3) when I reached there

(4) I found the house locked।         (4)before she shifted to  Dehradun.

(5) She lived in Raipur  (5) where the match will be played

Question 4- Match column a with column b.


A                                                          B

1)I am so weak।                         1.  That I cannot walk.

2)we had not eaten anything          2.So we went to a snackbar

3) this is the cricket stadium,5) where the match will be played

4) I found the house locked।   3) when I reached there.

5) she lived in Raipur।     4) before she shifted to dehradun

Q.5 You are Raj/Rajeshwari, a student of class X in govt. higher secondary school, Korba. Write an application to your principal for Transfer and Character Certificate.

1x 4-4 Marks



The Principal

 govt. higher secondary school,



Since my father, who is an Officer in the Central Government, has been transferred to the Delhi office, and our family will have to shift there soon, I would request you to kindly issue a Transfer Certificate and also Character certificate in my favour so that I may seek admission in a school there without any difficulty. All the school dues have been cleared by me.

                                      Yours faithfully

                                       Raj / Rajeshwari

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