lockdown: problem and solution// essay on lockdown in english

 lockdown par nibandh in english 

 essay on lockdown in english

  lockdown: problem and solution

essay on lockdown samasya aur samadhan,

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 Hint points: (1) Preface, (2) Benefits of lockdown, (3) Loss of lockdown, (4) Conclusion.


 Lockdown This is the first time in the history of mankind, where everyone has been advised to stay at home under section 144 across the country.  This was done because;  Because such a deadly rain has attacked that millions of people have lost their lives all over the world and the risk of infection is still increasing.  There is only one way to avoid corona virus, social distance.  This infection spreads rapidly from one person to another.  The Government of India has instructed that we should maintain all possible distance from personal and professional relationships, only then we can get freedom from this virus.  People in all states of India are fully following the instructions of the government by staying at home.  Lockdown means- lockout.  Under the lockdown, everyone has been advised to stay in their respective homes, which is also being strictly followed by the government.  This is necessary because an epidemic called corona virus has come for the first time in the history of mankind.

 Now the entire country is imprisoned in their respective homes to fight this virus.  Millions of people have lost their lives due to this epidemic and there is only one way to avoid it and that way is social distancing.  This infection spreads from one human to another very fast, due to which the Government of India has told the lockdown itself to be necessary to avoid it.

 That is, we can say that lockdown is an emergency system, which is implemented at the time of any disaster or epidemic.  People from the area or place where the lockdown has been imposed are not allowed to come out of their homes.  They are allowed or allowed to come out only for the purchase of essential things like medicine and food.  During the lockdown, no person can come out on the streets for unnecessary work.

 benefits of lockdown

 In everyday life, we get so busy with office work that we do not get a chance to spend time with our family.  In the first 21 days of lock down, we got the best moments in which we spent time with our loved ones.  Where some people learned to cook by watching videos from YouTube.  Some people played Antakshari with family at home;  Some watched famous movies or movies and web sissies.  Some people who did not get the opportunity to spend time with their children, got this opportunity due to the lockdown.  Enjoyed games like video games carrom with kids.  Due to the holiday in the school, the teachers took the help of online classes sitting at home so that there would be no hindrance in the education of the students.

 Talking about the time before the lockdown, at that time we all used to be so busy in our daily work that we could never find time for our loved ones, our family and children and everyone had only this complaint.  Looking at today's routine, who has the time?  But all these complaints have ended with the lockdown.  During this time people have got great moments to spend with their family.  During this time people are saving many lovely memories, spending time with the elders of their house and erasing the bitterness in the relationship.

 People got a chance to fulfill the hobby buried in their heart in a few days of lockdown.  From common man to big personalities took advantage of this.  Some learned to play an instrument, some learned and practiced dance, which is impossible in daily life.

 Due to the lockdown, there was a decline in the patients of corona virus and the risk of spreading the infection decreased.  There is no shortage of things or essential items in our daily life, so groceries, fruits, vegetables and medicines should be available in the market.  The lockdown in India prohibited the movement of large factories and vehicles, due to which there was a reduction in pollution.  Yesterday- The waste of factories, which used to be thrown out into the water of the river etc., was banned.  Now air pollution has come under control, as well as there has been a decline in water and noise pollution, which is beneficial for nature.  The birds are roaming freely in the sky.  The air has become purer than before.  The color of the sky is blue, the color of which we had forgotten.  The polluted environment has become pure in every way due to the lockdown.

 If we talk about the benefits of lockdown, then most of the benefits of lock down have been found in our health department and in the field of information technology or information technology.  As we all know that during the lockdown, the health services of our country have become much better and new oxygen plants have been set up for oxygen supply in many places and hospitals so that oxygen supply in the country again.  May not be lacking.

 There has been a lot of progress in the information technology sector especially during the lockdown.  Where big software companies have provided their employees the facility to work from home during the lockdown.  Work from home means to do the work of the office by staying in your home.  Due to this, there has been a reduction in office, rent and other expenses of software companies and other companies related to IT sector.  At the same time, work from home allows employees to do office work while staying in their home, so that they live a happy life with the people of their house.

 loss due to lockdown

 Due to the closure of big offices, factories, disaster has come upon the workers.  Those laborers who used to live on daily wages, their houses stopped burning even on the stove.  People are sleeping hungry in the settlement.  The lock down has had the biggest impact on poor households.  They have no money to return home.  Understanding the reason for such a situation in the country, the government of the country decided to help the needy people from the Prime Minister's Relief Fund.  Many people also came forward and started helping.  Businesses in almost all countries have suffered heavy losses.

 The laborers have suffered a lot due to the lockdown, who used to feed their homes with daily work.  Today it became very difficult for them even one time bread.  There are many laborers who are sleeping on an empty stomach.  If anyone has suffered the most due to the lockdown, then it is the laborers who work day and night to feed their families.

 The country's economy has suffered serious damage due to the lockdown.  Due to the closure of factories, heavy losses have to be suffered, while business is also at a complete standstill.  People's jobs have been lost, due to which the problem of unemployment has also arisen.  The country is weakening financially due to the lockdown.

 Day and night only news related to Corona is disturbing people mentally, which is making them negative.  People are not able to feel themselves healthy due to staying at home all day and lack of physical exercise.  Children have also started feeling irritable by staying at home all day, as they are unable to meet with their friends to play outside.  The news of corona virus is troubling people, due to which many people are also struggling with problems like depression or depression.

 Due to the closure of big factories, they have to bear a terrible loss.  Other businessmen are also suffering a lot.  India is expected to lose an estimated $100 billion due to the lockdown.  The Government of India wanted to keep the lockdown in the country till April 14 due to Corona virus, but now till May 31, arrangements have been made for lakh down in 4 phases respectively.  Due to the lockdown in India, people may have mental problems while staying at home.  This has caused a lot of problems for young children.  He is unable to jump outside to play.  Many people can also be a victim of depression.  One way to avoid all this is to keep yourself engaged in more and more work, so that all these thoughts do not come to our mind.

 The profit from lockdown is very less, but the loss from it is very high.  If we talk about the losses caused by the lockdown, then it affects all sections of the country.  The maximum loss has been caused by the lockdown on the education of the children.  Schools and colleges are closed for the last 2 years due to the lockdown, which has disrupted the education of children and youth.  During the lockdown, due to lack of online education system in rural areas, the children there are unable to study.  The economy of the country is also affected very badly by the lockdown.  Due to which there is a danger of economic slowdown in the country.  In this way, we can say that there is a lot of loss due to the lockdown, the economy of the country falls, the means of employment are reduced, due to which the risk of losing people's jobs increases.  We all know that business is badly affected due to lockdown, markets are closed, due to lack of customers in the market, small and medium traders face a crisis of livelihood.


 In India, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had announced a complete lockdown till 14 April to control the corona virus, but seeing the increasing infection, it has been extended till 31 May in four phases.  It is our duty to follow their instructions, so that we can get rid of this deadly epidemic as soon as possible.  Only then we and our government will be able to lead a normal life.  There is nothing more important than life, we can control this epidemic by staying at home.

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