class 12 English trimasik paper full solutions 2022 mp board/कक्षा 12 अंग्रेजी त्रिमासिक परीक्षा पेपर का सम्पूर्ण हल 2022

 class 12 English trimasik paper full solutions 2022 mp board

12th english trimasik exam paper full solutions 2022 mp board

कक्षा 12 अंग्रेजी त्रिमासिक परीक्षा पेपर का सम्पूर्ण हल 2022




Time: -3 Hours            Max marks-80


1. All questions are compulsory.

2. Marks of questions are given against them.


Q.1 (A) - Read the passage and answer the question based on it.   (5)

Among the natural resources which can be called upon in national plan for development, possibly the most important is human labour, without productive labour force, including effective leadership and intelligent middle management, no amount of foreign assistance or natural wealth can ensure successful development and modernisation. One essential factor is usually overlooked or ignored. The forgotten factor is the role of women. Development will be handicapped as long as women remain second-class citizens, uneducated, without any voice in family or community decisions, without legal or economic status, married when they are still practically children, and thenceforth producing one baby after another, often only to see half of them die before they are of school age. We can enhance development by improving woman power by giving women opportunity to develop themselves.

Q.1. The most important natural resource for national development is

(A) effective leadership

(B) intelligent middle management

(C) human labour

(D) foreign assistanc

Ans.(C) human labour

Q.2. Human power means

(A) only women

(B) people including children

(C) only men

(D) both men and wome

Ans.(D) both men and wome

Q3. The ignored and overlooked for factor in the development is -

(A) role of middle management

(B) role of child labour.

(C) role of women.

(D) role of foreign assistance.

Ans.(C) role of women

Q.4 women have hardly.

(A) any economic or legal status

(B) any voice in family or community decision or legal or economic status

(C) any voice in family or community decisions

(D) any voice to decide about themselves.

Ans.(D) any voice to decide about themselves.

Q5. Woman power is.

(A) an essential power in child production

(B) an essential power in marriages

(C) an essential power in the development of the nation.

(D) an essential power in the death of children.

Ans.(C) an essential power in the development of the nation.

Q.1-(B) Read the following passage and answer the question based on it.(5)

All of us have enormous capabilities. In many of us however, our achievements fail to correlate with our potential, because of lack of self-discipline-the effort needed to channel our energy for productive uses. To maximise your effectiveness, you must "learn to put your nose to the grindstone, work against boredom and learn to take the long, hard way in life rather than the short, easy way". Here are a few suggestions that focus on "How to do what you want to do." Take risks. It is important to realise that nothing in life is achieved unless you risk something. That's how self-confidence develops. Every chance you take, offers you valuable spinoffs in terms of learning. Earn a reward. Sometime back I had to face the rather unenviable task of preparing for two examinations simultaneously. I had to be ruthless in driving myself from one goal to another. Hard-nosed attitude saw me sail through the courses. I rewarded myself at the end of it indulging in my favourite pastime and taking a short holiday. SOME IMPORTANT WORDS correlate: to show that there is a close connection between two or more facts, figures, etc. potential: possibility of something happening/being developed/used. spin-offs: unexpected but useless results of an activity that is designed to produce something else. unenviable: difficult/unpleasant. ruthless: hard and cruel; determined to get what you want and not caring if you hurt other people. put your nose to the grindstone: to work hard for a long period of time without stopping, hard-nosed: not affected by feelings while trying to get what you want.

Q1. Why do our achievements fail to correlate with our potential?

(A) Because of lack of discipline

(B) Because of lack of external help

(C) Because of lack of intelligence.

(D) Because of lack of self-discipline.

Ans..(D) Because of lack of self-discipline.

Q2. How does one's self-confidence develop?

(A) By always meeting with success 

(B) By being cautious 

(C) By taking risks

(D) By being garrulous.

Ans.(C) By taking risks

Q3. What does every chance in our life teach us?

(A) It helps us to become idealistic

(B) It helps us to learn.

(C)It help us to become philosophical

(D) it shows us our limitation

Ans.(B) It helps us to learn.

Q4. How does the author reward him after his success?

(A) By doing more work

(B) By visiting friends

(C) By taking a short holiday

(D) By thanking God.

Ans.(C) By taking a short holiday

Q5. What does the author try to convey?

(A) One has to work hard and learn at least from failures

(B) Only inborn genius brings success in life

(C) One has to be complacent about his present self

(D) One has to believe in luck.

Ans.(A) One has to work hard and learn at least from failures

Q.2 Read the following passage carefully and make notes on it, also give a suitable ntitle.(4)

It is just as important to know what subjects to avoid and what subjects to select for good conversation. If you don't want to be set down as a wet blanket or a bore, be careful to avoid certain unpleasant subjects. Avoid talking about yourself, unless you are asked to do so. People are interested in their own problems not in yours. Sickness or death bores everybody. The only one who willingly listens to such talk is the doctor, but he gets paid for it.


Q.3 You are Priyanshi, the Head Girl of your school. Draft a notice to inform the students about a picnic that your school is going to organise, giving all necessary details in not more than 50 words. (4)


You are Rishi Sahni, Your father has been transferred to Delhi. You want to sell certain household goods. Draft an Advertisement in not more than 50 words.

Q.4 You are Priti Verma, residing at 17, Ekta Colony, Guna. Write a letter to the post aster complaining about Ajay, The post man of your area.(4)


You are Anikesh Shukla living at N-32 Basant Kunj, Vidisha, write a letter to your riend inviting him to attend your brother's marriage.

Q.5 Write an article on any one of the following topics in about 200 words.

(A) Importance of trees

(B) Importance of English

(C) Values of games and sports

( D) health and hygiene


Q.6 Fill in the blanks choosing the correct answer from the given options (any five) (5)

(1)------- her soul rest in peace. (Would/May)

(ii) They apologized--------- the old lady. (for, to)

( iii) I didn't find----------- there. ( anyone, no one)

(iv) She doesn't have ----------friends to help her. (many, much)

(v) You--------- to go to Mumbai tomorrow to attend the meeting (will have/should)

(vi) I am anxious---------my exams. (in, about)

Q.7 Do as directed.

(1)I (live) here since 2015. (write the correct form of the verb given in bracket)

(ii) They occupy all the rooms. (change into negative)

(iii) She is not interested in mathematics. (Change into active voice)

(iv) Who taught you French? (Change into passive voice)

(v) Rearrange the following words to make a meaningful sentence. Ensures/life/exercise/longer/and/healthier/a


Q.8 (A) Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow:

"When I first visited Gandhi in 1942 at his ashram in Sevagram, in central India, he said, "I will tell you how it happened that I decided to urge the departure of the British. It was in 1917." He had gone to the December 1916 annual convention of the Indian National Congress party in Lucknow. There were 2,301 delegates and many visitors. During the proceedings, Gandhi recounted, "a peasant came up to me looking like any other peasant in India, poor and emaciated, and said, 1 am Rajkumar Shukla. I am from Champaran, and I want you to come to my district'!"


(i) Where did Rajkumar Shukla come from?

(A) Bihar

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Bengal

(D) None of the above

(ii) Who is the author of this lesson?

(A) Gandhiji

(B) Louis Fischer

(C)Rajkumar Shukla

(D) Rajendra Prasad

(iii) When did Gandhi ji go to the annual convention of the Indian National Congress party?

(A) 1942

(B) 1916



Q8 (B) Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow:(3)

"I sometimes find a rupee, even a ten-rupee note," Saheb says, his eyes lighting up. When you can find a silver coin in a heap of garbage, you don't stop scrounging, for there is hope of finding more. It seems that for children, garbage has a meaning different from what it means to their parents. For the children it is wrapped in wonder, for the elders it is a means of survival"


(1) According to the author what was garbage for the parents?

(A) Means of entertainment

(B) Means of sorrow

(C) Means of joy

(D) Means of survival

(ii) According to the author what was garbage for the children?

(A) Means of entertainment

(B) waste material.

(C) Means of playing

(D) A wonder

(iii) Who was Saheb?

(A) A shopkeeper

(B) A ragpicker

(C) A servant

(D) A beggar

Q9 (A)-Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow.

"It would be an exotic moment

without rush, without engines,

we would all be together

in a sudden strangeness"


(i) What is the name of the poem and the poet ?

(ii) What kind of moment it would be?

(iii) What will happen if there isn't any rush of engines?

Q9 (B) Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow. 

"There were innumerable forests in the Pratibandapuram State. They had tigers in them. The Maharaja knew the old saying, "You may kill even a cow in self-defence'. There could certainly, be no objection to killing tigers in self-defence.

The Maharaja started out on a tiger hunt.

The Maharaja was thrilled beyond measure when he killed his first tiger. He sent for the State astrologer and showed him the dead beast."

Q.(i) The above text has been taken from........

(A) The Third Leve

(B) The Tiger King

(C) The Enemy

(D) On the Face of it

Q.(ii) Who can be killed in self defence in the state?

A) cow (B) tiger (C) both (D) none

Q.(i) Which of the the following is NOT similar to the meaning of "beast'

(A) animal

(C) inanimate

(8) savage

(D) brute

Q.10 Answer the following questions in about 30 words- (any 5)

1. What was Franz expected to be prepared with for school that day?

2. What had been put up on the bulletin-board?

3. What explanations does the author offer for the children not wearing footwear?

4. Why was Douglas determined to get over his fear of water?

5. Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler?

6. What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into rattrap?

7. How did the instructor "build a swimmer" out of Douglas?

Q.11 Answer the following questions in about 30 words-(any 3)

 1. What is the kind of pain and ache that the poet feels?

2.Why has the mother been compared to the 'late winter's moon'?

3.What does the poet want for the children of the slums?

4. Why does the poet ask us to keep still?

5. What image does the poet use to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth?

Q.12-Answer the following questions in about 30 words- (any 2) (4)

1. Who was the Tiger King? Why did he get that name?

2. What was the purpose of the visit to Antarctica? 

3. What did Dr. Sadao and his wife do with the man?

Q.13 Answer the following questions in about 75words- (any 2)

1.Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry.

2.Why did the peddler sign himself as Captain Von Stahle?

3.How did Mr. Hamel pay a tribute to the French language?

Q.14 What were the poet's feelings at the airport? How did she hide them? (75 words)


What is the central idea of the poem, "Keeping Quiet'?(3)

Q.15-How did the hundredth tiger take its revenge upon the Tiger King? (75 words.


"Take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves"

What is the relevance of the above statement in the context of the Antarctic environment?


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