class 10 English model paper 2023 up board full solutions/कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी मॉडल पेपर 2022-23 का सम्पूर्ण हल

 class 10 English model paper 2023 up board full solutions

class 10 English model paper 2022-23

Class 10 English paper 2022-23 up board

कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी मॉडल पेपर 2022-23 का सम्पूर्ण हल 

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      UP BOARD MODEL PAPER 2022-23

                      Class   10th

                   Subject – English

Time-3hours 15 Minutes         [M.M.-70]

Instruction First 15 minutes are allotted for the candidates to read the question paper.

Note (i) This question paper is divided into four sections A, B, C and D

(ii) All questions from the sections are compulsory.

(iii) Marks are indicated against each question.

(iv) Read the questions very carefully before you start answering them.

           Section A (Reading) 

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it:(10)

1. The painstaking memorisation of mathematical tables, historical dates, capitals of countries and even poems leaves an indelible mark on every adult who has attended school. However, all educators deprecate this rote system learning by orally reciting and consigning lessons to memory as mindless and mechanical, which goes against critical thinking and creativity. But is this dichotomy between creativity and rote learning part of a lazy binary thinking?

2. We often hear about people who can repeat or memorise the entire dictionary or or telephone directory. Indians have a history of highly developed systems of memorisation, perfected through centuries of Vedic learning. From a typically Western perspective, the permanency of the written word has been pitted against the 'unconscious operation of memory' of oral cultures and held to be more reliable in cultural transmission. However, refuting this thesis, Fritz Stall, an Indian scholar observes that the oral tradition in India is remarkable, 'because it has led to scientific discoveries that are of enduring interest'. Of course, this mugging up can be aural (i.e. chanting aloud) or visual-mentally storing images in a visual map.

3. The advantages of rote memorisation-like it expands areas of the mind to great possibilities are now becoming evident to the world. Various accounts from ancient India, including those from travellers point to the fool-proof system of oral memorisation and the capacity to absorb volumes of data. A parallel dimension of transmission of knowledge also existed in India, with a flexible mode of oral communication through which knowledge was disseminated. One instance is the narrative performative tradition of recitation, which extended basic story through interpolations, conscious extensions and embedding of sub-narratives. Many Indian myths, legends, epics and fables such as Jataka stories were spread though this process. While the story remains the same, the interpretation changes according to who says it, where it is said and how it is said.

4. A related question pertains to cognition-how can we transmit principles using memorisation as a creative tool rather than as a mechanical process of repetition? Bhaskara's Lilavati, the seminal 12th century illustrates how memorisation and creativity go together. The fact that Bhaskara's methods still figure in Indian consciousness was recently brought home in a news report on the Ramanujan School of Mathematics in Patna, which trains youngsters from poor families to clear the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) entrance test.


(i) Why are all educators against rote learning? 

(ii) How does Western perspectives understand learning?

(iii) The antonym of 'rigid' as given in para 3 is ......... 

(iv) The synonym of 'automatic' as given in para 4 is………….

Ans.(i) Although rote learning is a part of the Indian education system, it has been opposed by educators. For educators rote learning is a mindless and mechanical act that goes against critical thinking and creativity.

(ii) A typical Western perspective goes against rote learning. It pitts the 'unconscious operation of memory' of oral cultures against the permanency of the written word and holds the latter more reliable for cultural transmission.

(iii) Flexible

(iv) Mechanical


1. Crash dieting may help you lose weight, in the short term, but, ultimately it can hinder weight loss in the long term, as most of the weight that you have lost with crash dieting will bounce back, meaning you will gain all the weight that you have lost and more.

Crash dieting not only removes fat but also lean muscle and tissue.

Contrary to the belief of many who start this diet, this form of dieting is neither healthy nor successful in achieving long term weight loss as it induces the slowing down of the body's basal metabolic rate the body seeks to conserve every calorie and so weight loss becomes increasingly difficult. Basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body needs on a daily basis, to maintain its regular activities. This means your body will need fewer calories than it did previously, making weight gain more likely once you stop dieting.

2. Most crash diets involve eating low-calorie foods for several weeks or eating the same food or food groups for several weeks. Even if you're only trying the diet for a week or two, eating such a strict diet of the same foods can cause nutritional deficiencies. Eliminating one or more food groups will not provide you with adequate, long-term nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies such as this can have multiple immediate side effects such as haggard look, dark under eyes, dull skin, sloppy posture and less stamina.

3. This is also why exercise is recommended in any weight-loss plan to build muscle and maintain your metabolic rate. Again common mistakes that are observed with exercise are joining the gym only till the New Year, so that you can lose weight and once the party is over, the party for not exercising continues. On the other hand, we have some who make New Year resolutions and with the gym memberships which are so tempting, especially during the New Year, take up annual memberships, which is not bad. what is bad is to break the resolution. It is good to take up an exercise programme during the new year and to make a resolution about exercise, provided you do not break your resolution, and continue exercising year long. What is important is consistency.


(i) What is the basic flaw in diet plans?

(ii) Why is exercise important? 

(iii) The word ............ in para 1 means

the same as opposite".

(iv) The word …….in para 2 is the antonym of  'adding'.

                Section B (Writing)

2. Write an application to the Manager, Everest Handloom Company, Faridabad for the post of a salesman. You saw the advertisement in the Times of India of 8th June, 2015. They want a smart young man having fluency in English and Hindi both. (Do not write your name and roll no.)


106, Lakhan Apartments

 Gauri Nagar Kanpur 

15th July, 20XX

The Manager,

         Everest Handloom Company


Dear Sir,

With reference to your advertisement dated 14th July 20XX, in The Times of India; I wish to apply for the post of a salesman in your esteemed company.

I have passed H.S.S.C. with second division in the year 20XX from SKI College. I have also done a certificate course in computer. I can speak English and Hindi and interact with the customers nicely.

I would be grateful to you if you find me eligible for the above said post and give me an opportunity.

Thanking you

                                    Yours faithfully,



Write a letter to your friend requesting him to come and spend the summer vacation with you. (Do not write your Name and Address.) 

3. Write a descriptive paragraph based on the verbal clues given in the box.

Mughal Garden-situated in Rashtrapati Bhawan,Delhi-spread over 15 acres-designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens-combines Mughal and English style-has canals, fountains and terraces-numerous varieties of roses, tulips and seasonal flowers.

Ans. The Mughal Garden in Delhi is located in the premises of Rashtrapati Bhawan, the residence of the first citizen of India-the President. It is spread over an area of 15 acres and is divided into three sections viz. rectangular, long and circular garden. It is designed by the renowned English Architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens. It is designed in a blend of Mughal style and the English flower garden. The garden is adorned with Mughal style canals, fountains and terraces Four waterways with uniquely crafted fountains at their intersections flow through the garden. The garden has around 159 celebrated varieties of roses which blossom primarily in the month of February and March. Apart from roses, tulips. Asiatic lilies, Daffodils, Hyacinth and other seasonal flowers also beautify the Mughal Garden. Mughal Garden is opened for public during the annual festival, Udyanotsav, which is held in the months of February and March every year.


A daylight robbery took place in Gorakhpur in Khurda Tank police station limits when the Branch Staff of PNB were on their way back after collecting 50 lakh from the regional office of the Reserve Bank. As staff correspondent for "The Indian Express', write a report with the help of clues given.

What happened

Loss of property

Police action/enquiry ordered



            Section C (Grammar) 

(i) Identify the nouns in the following sentences and choose the correct answer

In the summer we go to the lake, 

(a) We, lake

(b) Summer, lake

(c) Summer, we

(d) Lake

Ans.(b) Summer, lake


Sue's parents tried living in the north, but they could not adapt to the cold.

(a) Sue's parents, North, cold

(b) Tried, But, adapt

(c) North, Not, cold

(d) Sue's parents, living, Adapt

(ii) Fill in the blank with the appropriate pronoun. She is teaching Rohan and................

(a) Her 

(b) She

(c) Herself

(d) Them


…….and................... will be punished.

(a) You and me

(b) You and I 

(c) Me and you

(d) I and You 

(iii) Fill in the given blanks with the suitable option.  

Listen! The coach……. the strengths of our opponents because our team..... against them before. 

(a) has explained / weren't playing

(b) explains / won't play

(c) is explaining/ haven't played

(d) was explaining / don't play


When Tom entered the room, his mum….him because he.................. hair and a beard.

(a) wasn't recognizing, was growing

 (b) hadn't recognized, grew

(c) didn't recognize, had grown

(d) didn't recognize, grew 

(iv) Change this given Direct/Indirect speech into Indirect

/Direct speech and choose the correct answer. 

He said, "The Sun rises in the east."

(a) He said that the Sun will rise in the East.

(b) He said that the Sun may rise in the East.

 (c) He said that the Sun rises in the East.

(d) He said that the Sun rises in the East.


He asked me why I did not come on time the previous day.

(a) He said to me, "Why didn't I come on

time yesterday?" 

(b) He asked me, "Why didn't I come on time the previous day?"

(c) He asked me, "Why you didn't come on time yesterday?"

(d) He asked me, "Why didn't you come on time yesterday?"

(v)Fill in the blank with the appropriate form of articles.

 I was in ................. Japanese restaurant restaurant served good food.

(a) The, the

(b) A, the

(c) The, no article

(d) An, the


They usually spend their holidays in ……..


(a) the

(b) no article

(c) a

(d) an

II. (i) Change any one the of following sentences into passive voice.

(a) Everyone loved Mother Teresa.

Ans.(a) Mother Teresa was loved by everyone.

(b) The wolf chased the sheep.

Ans. The sheep was chased by the wolf

(ii) Frame any one of the following into correct sentences by re-ordering the words.

(a) when Mera get up did?

(b) Mohini sweetly very sings.

Ans.(ii)(a) When did Meera get up?

 (b) Mohini sings very sweetly.

(iii) Punctuate any one of the following using capital letters wherever necessary. 

(a) my brother said to me you should not waste your time on sundays

(b) sister your friend has come beena said to me

Ans. (iii) (a) We had coffee, cheese and crackers, and grapes.

(b) He always loved sweets, chocolates, biscuits and peppermints.

 (iv) Identify the adjectives in any one of the sentences given below and also write its kind. 

(a) He is a man of few words.

(b) Neither party is quite in the right.


(a) Few - Adjective of Number

(b) Neither-Distributive Adjective

(v) Fill in the blanks using the correct forms of the verbs given in the brackets. (any one)

 (a) One of the students of our class selected. (was/were) 

(b) Age and experience......... a man wise. (make/makes)

(v) (a) was

(b) makes

5. Translate the following into English: आज भारत के कुछ शहरों को स्मार्ट बनाने का प्रयत्न जोरों पर है। इसका लक्ष्य शहर को स्वच्छ, सुन्दर एवं आधुनिक सुविधाओं से युक्त बनाना है। इसके अन्तर्गत कूड़े-करकट का प्रबन्धन, जनता शौचालयों का निर्माण, बिजली एवं पानी की समुचित व्यवस्था आती है। चौड़ी एवं समतल सड़कों, फ्लाई ओवर्स एवं पार्किंग स्थलों के निर्माण से यातायात सुगम हो जाएगा।


 Now-a-days, making a few Indian cities 'Smart' is in full swing. Its aim is to make a city clean, beautiful and full of modern facilities. Proper management of garbage, construction of public toilets, proper arrangement of electricity and water come under it. Transportation will become easy with the construction of wide and plain roads, flyovers and parking areas.

             Section D (Literature)

6. Read the following extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow.

But in the hearts of all who lived in that solitary house in the middle of the valley, there was a single hope: help from God. "Don't be so upset, even though this seems like a total loss. Remember, no one dies of hunger."

"That's what they say: no one dies of hunger." All through the night, Lencho thought only of his one hope: the help of God, whose eyes, as he had been instructed, see everything, even what is deep in one's conscience. Lencho was an ox of a man, working like an animal in the fields, but still he knew how to write. The following Sunday, at daybreak, he began to write a letter which he himself would carry to town and place in the mail. It was nothing less than a letter to God.

"God," he wrote, "if you don't help me, my family and I will go hungry this year.

(i) What he had been instructed?

(ii) Why the writer compared Lencho with an ox? 

Ans. (i) He had been instructed that God sees everything, even what is deep in one's conscience.

(ii) The writer compared Lencho with an ox because he worked hard like an animal in his fields.

7. (a) Yes, I think that all the teachers of Anne's school liked her because she was smart and intelligent. There were nine of them. Only her maths teacher Mr. Keesing was annoyed with her because she talked so much. When Mr. Keesing punished Anne for her talkativeness again and again and asked her to write essay, one after the other. She composed a poem with the help of her friend and gave a message through it to the teacher. Mr. Keesing got so impressed by her little poem then he decided not to punish her.


During our childhood in Goa, the baker used to be our friend, companion and guide. He used to come at least twice a day. Once, when he set out in the morning on his selling round, and then again, when he returned after emptying his huge basket. The jingling thud of his bamboo woke us up from sleep and we ran to meet and greet him. Why was it so? Was it for the love of the loaf? Not at all. The loaves were bought by some Paskine or Bastine, the maid-servant of the house! What we longed for were those bread-bangles which we chose carefully. Sometimes it was sweet bread of special make.

(i) What role did the baker play during author's childhood?

(ii) Why did the children wake up?

7. Answer any one of the following questions

(a) Do you think teachers liked Anne? How did Anne respond to the punishment by Mr. Keesing? What light does it throw on her nature? 

Ans. (a) Yes, I think that all the teachers of Anne's school liked her because she was smart and intelligent. There were nine of them. Only her maths teacher Mr. Keesing was annoyed with her because she talked so much. When Mr. Keesing punished Anne for her talkativeness again and again and asked her to write essay, one after the other. She composed a poem with the help of her friend and gave a message through it to the teacher. Mr. Keesing got so impressed by her little poem then he decided not to punish her.

(b) Why were the children fascinated by the baker? How did they show their eagerness to see him?

8.Answer any two of the following questions.(2+2=4)

(a) Describe the wildlife of Coorg.

(b) Describe the bus in which Valli sat. 

(c) What did the Buddha do after he had attained enlightenment?

Ans.(a) Coorg consists of various species of birds and animals. Its water is a home to a large fresh water fish named Mahaseer. One can find squirrels, elephants, langurs, slender loris, etc. here. There are many species of birds, bees and butterflies that can attract one's attention.

(b) The bus in which Valli sat was new. Its outside was painted a gleaming white with some green stripes along the sides. Inside, the overhead bars shone like silver. There was a beautiful clock above the windshield and its seats were soft and luxurious.

(c) After the Buddha had attained enlightenment, he started teaching and sharing his new understandings. He spread his preachings far and wide so that people could come to know the truth. He shared his knowledge with people through his teachings.

9. Match the words of List A with their meanings in List B:(1x3=3

List A                      List B

Denied                     act

Exposing                 refused

Deed                       reveal

Ans. Denied →refused


         Deed    → act

10. Read the following lines of poetry and answer the questions given below.

Has given my heart

A change of mood

And saved some part 

Of a day Phad rued.

(a) What does the poet try to tell?

 (b) What saved some part of the day?

Ans.(a) The poet is trying to suggest that small things can bring big changes in life and unexpected happiness.

(b) The dust of snow shaken down by a crow from the hemlock tree on the poet saved his rest of the day by making him feel happy.

11. Give the central idea of any one of the following poems: (4)

(a) A Tiger in the Zoo

Ans.(a) In this poem, 'A Tiger in the Zoo' the poet tries to depict the poor condition of a caged tiger. He contrasts and compares the life of a caged tiger with a tiger living in natural habitat i.e. a jungle. Through the poem, the poet tries to convey that wild animals should be allowed to live freely in their natural habitat. Freedom is loved by all living beings and not just by human beings. The life of captivity breeds rage, intolerance and stress

(b) Amanda!


Write four lines from one of the poems given in your textbook. (Do not copy out the lines given in this question paper.)

12. Answer any two of the following questions. (2+2=4)

(a) What was the condition of Tricki when Mrs. Pumphrey called Dr. Herriot?

(b) What else did Anil teach Hari? Did he like it?

(c) How did Griffin find himself invisible but naked in the chill January air for the second time?

Ans.(a) Tricki's health condition made Mrs. Pumphrey to call Dr. Herriot. Tricki was not eating anything and refused his favourite dishes and besides, he had bouts of vomiting. He spent all his time lying on a rug, panting. He did not go for walk and didn't want to do anything.

(b) Anil taught Hari to write his name and promised to teach him to write whole sentences and to add numbers.

Hari liked it and was grateful. He knew that once he could write like an educated man, there would be no limits what he could achieve.

(c) Griffin finds himself invisible but naked in the chill January air for the second time when two employees of the London store discovered Griffin hiding in their store and tried to chase him. Hence, in order to protect himself, he threw away all his clothes and became invisible again.

13. Answer any one of the following questions.(4)

(a) How did Ebright use determination and preservance to achieve his aim of becoming a scientist?

(b) Was Matilda's dream fulfilled at the ball? Why did all men notice and wanted them to be presented to her?

Ans.(a) Beginning in the Kindergarten, Ebright collected butterflies with the same determination that marked all his activities. In the second grade, he had collected all 25 species of butterflies found around his hometown. Due to his determination to study butterflies, he raised a flock of butterflies.

During subsequent years, he participated in science fairs, completed a number of research projects and graduated from Harvard with highest honours, second in his class of 1510. Ebright went on to become a graduate student researcher at Harvard Medical School. There he began doing experiments to test his theory how the cell can read the blueprint of its DNA. Thus, his determination and preservance made him a famous scientist.

14. (i) Point out 'true' and 'false' statements in the following.(2)

(a) Bholi liked going to school.

(b) Mrs. Phumphery thought that Tricki would be happy in the surgery without her.

(ii) Complete the following statements:

(a) Tricki's only fault was his………

(b) When Hari Singh counted the notes, there were 600 rupees in……..

14. Ans.(i) (a) True  (b) False

(ii) (a) greed (b) fifties

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