कक्षा 7वी अंग्रेजी मध्य प्रदेश बोर्ड अर्द्ध वार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर 2022-23 का सम्पूर्ण हल/ mp board class 7th english half yearly question paper 2022-23

 mp board class 7th english half yearly question paper 2022-23

class 7th english mp board half yearly question paper 2022-23

कक्षा 7वी अंग्रेजी मध्य प्रदेश बोर्ड अर्द्ध वार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर 2022-23 का सम्पूर्ण हल 

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अर्द्धवार्षिक पेपर 2022-23

कक्षा -7अंग्रेजी

परीक्षा अवधि 3 घंटे

विद्यार्थी के लिए निर्देश (निम्नांकित जानकारी अनिवार्यतः भरे और दिए गए स्थान में उत्तर लिखे

विद्यार्थी का नाम-

पिता का नाम-

शाला का नाम-

महत्वपूर्ण निर्देश

वर्कशीट में दिए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर वर्कशीट में प्रश्नों के निचे/आगे दिए स्थान में निर्देशानुसार लिखे जाए।

(यहाँ से वर्कशीट पर कार्य प्रारंभ करें)


Multiple Choice Questions (Q.1-10)

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below.

The Olympic games are held after every four years. Athletes come from all countries and take part in the games. Many kinds of games, races and competitions are now a part of the Olympics. We in India are proud of our hockey. We had been the Olympic Champion in hockey till 1960. We lost the championship in Rome in 1960. But we won it back in Tokyo in 1964. Indians are among the best hockey players in the world. They are more skilful than most others. The Olympic victories of our players have brought honour to the nation. Hockey champions in the last Olympics played at Athens 2004 were, Australia in men's hockey and United States of America it women's hockey.

Choose the correct answer and write.

Q.1 Athletes who take part in the Olympics come from

(A) one country

(B) a few countries

(C) all countries

(D) selected countries

Ans. All countries

Q.2 Olympic games are held

(A) once in a year

(B) once in four years

(C) once in two years

(D) once in five years

Ans. All once in four years 

Q.3 We in India are proud of our

(A) cricket

(B) chess

(C) hockey

(D) football


Q.4 Indians are among the best players of hockey because they are more.

(A) skilful

(C) strong

(B) powerful

(D) practised

Ans- skilful

Q.5 India lost championship in hockey for the first time

(A) in 1956

(B) in 1964

(C) in 1960

(D) in 1962

Q.6 What is this advertisement about?

(A) It is about children.

(B) It is about a gift.

(C) It is about a children's magazine.

(D) It is about a newspaper.

Ans. It is a children's magazine

Q.7 There are some pages in Firkee exclusively for by the children.

(A) advertisements

(B) articles

(C) notices

(D) gifts

Ans-  articles

Q.8 How can one get Firkee magazine as a gift?

(A) by writing a letter to the editor

(B) by drawing a poster for Firkee

(C) by buying a Firkee magazine

(D) by getting articles published in Firkee

Q.9 Articles written by children get published on My page. Which is the correct question for the above statement?

(A) Where do you find My Page?

(B) Who publishes My Page?

(C) What is published on My Page?

(D) When is My Page published?

Ans-what is published on my page

Q.10 Choose the opposite word for 'send' from the words given below.

(4) receive

(C) buy

(B) find

(D) want

Ans- receive

Short Answer Type Questions (Q.11-20)

Q.11 Where are the clouds seen in the sky?

Ans. The clouds are troposhere seen in the sky.

Q.12 Why was Vinod surprised?

Ans. Vined was surprised to see such a men in an AC Coach He recalled how crowded the train was.

 Q.13 How did the old man know that the camel was blind?

Ans-The camel has one weak leg, sightless right short tail. The camel has eye and a short tail.

Q.14 Where did the Olympic games get their name from?

Ans. We know An olympic in Greece in 776 B.c. at olympia. so it was cold sports olympic Games.

Q.15 When and where was Manu born?

Ans. Manu was born on 19th November 1835 in Kashi.

Q.16 What goes from hand to hand?.

Ans- Nuts and sweetmeats. рoss from hand to hand.

Q.17 Why do they want to go to Dholpur?

Ans. They want to go Dholoper while their adventures going to a fair.

Q.18 Why did Vinod decide to travel by an AC Coach?

Ans. Vinod decided to travel by An AC Coach becaus the train was overcrowded.

Q.19 What caused Bobby to slow down in the middle of the race?

 Ans. A duck and her ducklings. there four Bobby hael to slow down in the middle the race.

Q.20 Why did the children decide to stay together?

Ans- The children decided to stay together so they are net lost in the crowd.

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