Class 12th English pre board exam paper solution 2023-24।।कक्षा 12वी अंग्रेजी प्री बोर्ड परीक्षा पेपर का सम्पूर्ण हल 2024

Class 12th English pre board exam paper solution 2023-24

कक्षा 12वी अंग्रेजी प्री बोर्ड परीक्षा पेपर का सम्पूर्ण हल 2024

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नमस्कार दोस्तों हम आपको अपनी इस पोस्ट में Class 12th English up Pre Board Exam Paper 2023-24 के पेपर का सम्पूर्ण हल बताने वाले है यह पेपर आपकी बोर्ड परीक्षाओं की दृष्टी से अति महत्त्वपूर्ण है यह पेपर आपकी बोर्ड परीक्षाओं की तैयारी को और बेहतर बनाने का काम करेगा, इस पेपर से आप अपनी बोर्ड परीक्षा की तैयारी का भी मूल्यांकन भी कर सकते हैं इसलिए आप पोस्ट को पूरा जरूर पढ़ें यदि आप कुछ पूछना चाहते हैं तो कॉमेंट करके ज़रूर बताइएगा।


                    Class - 12th

               Subject - ENGLISH

Time: 3:15 Hours           Max. Marks: 100


(i) First 15 minutes are allotted to the candidates for reading the question paper.

(ii) This questions paper is divided into four sections. A, B, C and D

(iii) All questions from all the sections are compulsory.

(iv) Marks are indicated against each question.

              Section-A (Reading)

Q.1 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

There is a famous verse which tells us samsana visa unkssaya. In this imperfects world, samsana, there are two fruits of inimitable quality. There are the study of our great classics and communion with great minds. These two are the things which moved men's minds and hearts. I am anxious that our great classics should be studied the classics of all countries of which we are inheritors. Its is in a small dialogue in an Upanishads that a question is put. What constitutes the essence of a good life? The teacher replies. "Didn't you have the answer". They was a thunder clap! da, da, da, immediately the teacher explained that these were the essence of good life, dama, dana, daya. These constitute the essentials of the good life: you must have dama or self control restraints which is the mark of human being. In the Ramayana, when Lakshman sets out for the forest his mother tells him Look, upon Rama as your father, Dashratha; Look upon Sita as myself as your mother; Look upon the forests as Ayodhya; go my dear"


(a) What qualities are necessary for the developments of human being?3

(b) What are the two important products of the trees of life and what is their effects on human beings.3

(c) What constitutes the essence of life?3

(d) What important advice do Lakshmans mother give her son, when he was ready to go to the forests with Rama? 3

(e) (i) Give the title of this passage.

(ii) Find the words from the passage which mean.

(ii) worried

(i) gist

(iii) Find the apposite word of 'unnecessary' from the passage. 1

         Section B (Writing)

Q.2 Write an article on any one of the following topics in about 100 - 150 words- 10

(i) The Role and place of women in free India.

(ii) Terrorism, a global problem and its wants effects

(iii) Developing the cottage industries in the villages.

Q.3 Write a letter to the Editor of a national daily emphasizing the need to take effective measures often the recent floods that have created havac in the low lying areas of the city. 10


Write a complaints letter to the district magistrate drawing his attention towards the frequent break down in Electricity and water supply in your colony. Life has become a hell without the proper supply of water and Electricity. immediate action will be solicited.

           Section - C (Grammar)

Q.4 Choose the corrects option to answer the following questions: 5x2=10

(a) Dislike of or aversion to marriage is:

(i) Managamy

(ii) Misagamy

(iii) Polygamy

(iv) Bigamy

(b) The Phrase 'pull a fast one' means:

(i) to pull forcefully

(ii) to pull someone who is fast

(iii) to deceive

(iv) to life a heavy load

(c) The synonym for 'astonishments' is:

(i) punishment

(ii) sentiments

(iii) betterments

(iv) Surprise

(d) "The poem has many obscure illusion"

(i) has

(ii) Many

(iii) obscure

(iv) Illusions

(e) The antonym of arrival.

(i) Departure

(ii) Survival

(iii) rival

Q.5 (a) Change anyone of the following into indirect speech:

(i) He said, "We cannot be quite happy in this life."

(ii) My friend said to me, "I came today and I will leave for Agra tomorrow.

(b) Combine anyone of the following as directed:

(i) He gave them advice. He helped them liberally. (Simple sentence)

(ii) Do you wants to see the film stars of India? You must to Mumbai? (Complex Sentence)

(c) Change anyone of the following as directed:2

(i) His death shocked me. (Passive voice)

(ii) No one will deny that Suresh tried his best to please the officer. (Affirmative)

(d) Correct any one of the following sentences:

(i) The boy told a lie lest he should not be punished.2

(ii) Whole India is suffering from corona.2

(e) Use any one of the following pairs of words in your own sentences to make the difference in their meanings clear: 2

(i) attar-alter

(ii) respectful-respectable

Q.6 Translate the following passage into English - 5 

खुशहाल जीवन के मानसिक रूप से स्वस्थ होना बहुत जरूरी है और इसी से होता है एक अच्छे और सफल व्यक्तित्व का निर्माण। बदले दौर में नशे की लत, गैजेट्स का अधिक प्रयोग और जीवन शैली का प्रभाव, युवाओं का मानसिक स्वास्थ्य खराब कर रहा है। इसके कारण फसाद, हताशा और आत्महत्या के मामले, तेजी से बढ़ रहे है।

          Section - D (Literature)

Q.7 Answer the following questions in about 40 words each: 4+4=8

(a) In 'The Last Lesson' name the countries who were fighting and describe the contents of the bulletin board.


In what way, according to M. Hamel does the mother tongue serve even the enslaved people? 

(b) What was the childhood incidents that mode Douglas afraid of water?


Describe the life of Ragpicker at seemapuri.

Q.8 Answer anyone of the following questions in about 80 words:7

(a) Describe the events that follow when the arrived and what changes did Gandhi bring about in the life of the Indigo peasants?

 Q.9 Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions that follow:3x2=6

"Driving from my parent's home to Chochin pasts Friday Morning I saw my mother beside me Doze, open mouthed her face ashen like that of a Corpse and realised with pain. that she was as old as she looked but soon put that thought away"

(a) Where was the poet driving to? Who was sitting beside her?

(b) What did the poet notice about her mother?

(c) Which figure of speech is used in the line. ashen like that?

Q.10 Write the central Idea of anyone of the following poems?

(a) My mother at sixty-six

(b) Keeping Quiet

(c) A thing of Beauty

Q.11 Answer the following questions in about 40 word each:4+4=8

(a) What was 'The Third Level'? Where was it situated?


How did Charlie enter 'The third Level'?

(b) Who was the Tiger king? How was he named so?


What did the astrologer tell about the

death of Tiger king?

Q.12 Answer anyone of the following questions in about 80(eighty)words:7

(a) How was the hundredth tiger killed?

(b) What is there on Antarctica ? How is silence interrupted there sometimes?

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