class 12th english model paper 2023 up board /कक्षा 12वी अंग्रेजी यूपी बोर्ड मॉडल पेपर 2023 का सम्पूर्ण हल

 class 12th english model paper 2023 up board

class 12th english model paper up board 2023

कक्षा 12वी अंग्रेजी यूपी बोर्ड मॉडल पेपर 2023 का सम्पूर्ण हल 

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           Up board Model Paper 2023

                   Class – 12th

               Subject – ENGLISH

Time: : 3 hrs 15 min                  M.M.100

              Section A (Reading)

1.Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

1. The third great defect of our civilisation is that it does not know what to do with its knowledge. Science has given us powers fit for the Gods, yet we use them like small children. For example, we do not know how to manage our machines. Machines were made to be man's servants; yet he has grown so dependent on them that they are in a fair way to become his masters. Already most men spend most of their lives looking after and waiting upon machines. And the machines are very stern masters.

They must be fed with coal, and given petrol to drink, and oil to wash with and they must be kept at the right temperature. And if they do not get their meals when they expect them, they grow sulky and refuse to work, or burst with rage, and blow up, and spread ruin and destruction all round them. So we have to wait upon them very attentively and do all that we can to keep them in a good temper. Already we find it difficult either to work or play without the machines, and a time may come when they will rule us altogether, just as we rule the animals.

2. And this brings me to the point at which I asked, "What do we do with all the time which the machines have saved for us, and the new energy they have given us?" On the whole, it must be admitted, we do very little. For the most part we use our time and energy to make more and better machines which will give us, still more time and still more energy, and what are we to do with them? The answer I think, is that we should try to become more civilised. For, the machines themselves, and the power which the machines have given us are not civilisation but aids to civilisation. But being civilised means making and linking beautiful things, thinking freely, and living rightly and maintaining justice.

Man has a better chance today to do these things than he ever had before; he has more time, more energy, less to fear and less to fight against. If he will give his time and energy which his machines have won for him to making more beautiful things, to finding out more and more about the universe, to removing the causes of quarrels between nations, to discovering how to prevent poverty, then I think our civilisation would undoubtedly be greater, as it would be the most lasting that there has ever been.


On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions briefly.

(i) What is the third great defect of our civilisation? 3

(ii) What are the machines demanding?3

(iii) What does being civilised mean? How should we use the extra time and energy we have now? 3

 (iv) Man has a better chance to be civilised now. Support the statement. 3

(v) The word............ in para 1 means the same as 'violent behaviour'.1

(vi) The word............ in para 1 is the antonym of 'friendly'. 1

(vii) Which word means the same as 'civilised' in para 2?1


1. Government is trying to create a cashless environment in the country. Demonetisation appears to be a stepping stone in that direction. To help facilitate this, government even launched its own app 'BHIM' built for the same purpose. However, this poses several questions. What are the benefits? Is there any drawback?

2. The ease of conducting financial transactions is probably the biggest motivator to go digital. You will no longer need to carry wads of cash, plastic cards, or even queue up for ATM withdrawals. It's also a safer and easier spending option when you are travelling. The benefits are enormous if you leave out the low-income group, which will face a huge challenge. For the rest of the country, it is constructive and simple.

3. It will be especially useful in case of emergencies like in hospitals. You have the freedom to transact whenever and wherever you want. You don't have to be physically present to conduct a transaction or be forced to do so only during office hours.

4. Making transactions digitally makes it easy to keep track of your finances. It can also make personal budgeting easier. It can also help in filing Income Tax Returns and, in case of a scrutiny, you will find it easy to explain everything to the taxman.

5. The biggest fear is the risk of identity theft. Since we are culturally not attuned to digital transactions, even well-educated people run the risk of falling into phishing traps. With the rising incidence of online

fraud, the risk of hacking will only grow as more people hop on to the digital platform. 

6. The convenience of net-banking, m-banking, card or mobile wallet transactions can, make you a spendthrift. Behavioural finance theorists say that people find parting with physical cash more difficult than plastic money. So, in a way, using cash actually helps us put a leash on our spending habits. Hence, there is a good chance that going digital may disrupt your budget or at least make it more difficult to keep a tab on your expenses. 

7. The success of government's digitisation movement highly depends on its ability to put cash out of circulation in the economy. People will choose the most comfortable way available to them for making transactions. So, digitisation can only be successful if government makes it widespread and convenient.


On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions briefly.

(i) What are two important reasons to 'go digital'? (3)

(ii) What two steps has the government taken to create a cashless environment in the country?3

(iii) What are the advantages of making transactions digitally? (3) 

(iv) What are the two biggest risks in transacting digitally, according to the passage? 3

(v) The word........... in para 1 is the antonym of 'benefit'. 1

(vi) The word ............ in para 2 means the same as 'bundles'.1

(vii) The word................. in Para 3 is nearest in meaning to 'transaction'.,1

             Section B (Writing)

2. The English language has acquired a privileged position in India. It has caused the neglect of other Indian languages, including Hindi. Is there a need to pause and reflect on the situation? Write an article, in about 100-150 words, expressing your views on the same. Sign yourself as Sushmita.


You are Somya, member of the School Heritage Club. You were shocked to see poor living conditions of villagers in a remote village in your district. Write an article in about 150 words for a local newspaper discussing the problem and measures that can improve the unhygienic and unhealthy conditions of villages.

 3. Write a letter to the Editor of Times of India regarding frequent breakdown of power. 


Write a letter to the Health Officer complaining against insanitary conditions of the locality you live in.

            Section C (Grammar)

4. I (i) Change any one of the following sentences into indirect form of speech.(2)

(a) His father said. "Bravo! you have secured distinction in three subjects."

(b) The teacher said to me very angrily "Why have you come?" Have I not told you, never to see your free again."

(ii) Combine any one of the following sentences as directed within the brackets.


(a) He ran so quickly. He soon overtook his father. (Into Complex sentence)

(b) Premchand wrote 'Godan'. He was a great story writer. (Into Simple Sentence)

(iii) Transform any one of the following sentences as per the directions given in the bracket.2

(a) It is time to look into the matter. (Passive voice) 

(b) As soon as the teacher entered the class, the students stood up. (Negative) 

(iv) Correct any one of the following sentences. (2)

(a) Mr. P.K. Roy is a M.P

 (b) Why are you afraid from him?

(v) Use any one of the following idioms/phrases in your own sentences so as to make their meanings clear. (2) 

(a) To set store by

(b) To deal with

II.(i) Choose the synonyms of the following words.(2)


(a) Enforce

(b) Sanction

(c) Annul

(d) Permit



(a) Bombastic

(b) Petite

(c) Conventional

(d) Erroneous 

(ii) Choose the antonym of the following words from the following options.(2)


 (a) Adamant

(b) Certain

(e) Arrogant

(d) Cowardly



(a) Sanction

(b) Confirm

(e) Disapprove

(d) Uphold 

(iii) Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks in the given sentences.2

It was custom to............ the face whenever a woman is in presence of an elder.

(a) Vale

(b) Wail

(c) Veil

(d) Vail


The.............. of a snow clad mountain in exciting.2

(a) Cite

(b) Site

(c) Sighed

(d) Sight

(iv) Choose the option that contains a one word substitution for the given phrase.2

An act of renouncing the throne

(b) Abdication

(a) Almanac

(d) Biopsy

(c) Amphibian


A person who can use both hands equally well

(a) Ambidextrous

(b) Avaricious

(c) Actuary

(d) Anarchist

(v) Choose the option that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase.(2)

Gird up the loins

(a) To not be ready to face people 

(b) To be ready for a battle

(c) To not be ready for a confrontation

(d) To get ready to deal with something


To hear on the grapevine

(a) To hear a rumour about something

(b) To get genuine information 

(c) To hear something astonishing

(d) To hear about an unknown fact

5. Translate the following into English. (5)

आशा के बिना मानव जीवन असम्भव है। यदि आशा न होती तो मनुष्य का जीवन बड़ा बोझिल और दुखमय हो जाता विद्यार्थी साल भर कड़ा परिश्रम करते हैं केवल इसी आशा पर कि वे सफलता का मुख देखेंगे। एक किसान घोर उष्णता और शीत का तनिक भी ध्यान नहीं करता। इसी प्रकार व्यापारी लोग व्यापार में धन लगाते हैं केवल इसी आशा का आश्रय लेकर ताकि उनका व्यापार उनके लिए लाभकारी सिद्ध हो। तभी तो बुद्धिमान तथा महापुरुषों ने आशा को मानव रूपी जहाज का सम्बल कहा है।

        Section D (Literature)

6. Answer any two of the following questions. (4+4=8)

(a) How different was the scene in the classroom on the day of the last lesson?

(b) Describe the irony in Sahib's name.

(c) What did Douglas experience when he went down to the bottom of the pool for the first time?

7. Answer any one of the following questions.(7)

(a) Why did the ironmaster invite the peddler to his home? Why did the latter decline it?

(b) How did the court scene at Motihari change the course of India's struggle for freedom? 

8. (i) Read one of the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. 

I saw my mother, beside me, doze, open mouthed, her face ashen like that

of a corpse and realised with pain

that she was as old as she looked but soon put that thought away, ... 

(a) What worried the poetess when she looked at her mother?2

 (b) What worried the poetess when she looked at mother?(2)

(c) Identify the figure of speech used in these lines. (2)


(ii) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

On their slag heap, these children

Wear skins peeped through by bones and spectacles of steel With mended glass, like bottle bits on stones.

(a) Which image is used to describe the poverty of these children?(2)

(b) What sort of life do these children lead? (2)

(c) Identify and name the figure of speech used in line 3.(2)

9. Give the Central Idea of one of the following poems.4

(a) Keeping Quiet

(b) A Thing of Beauty 

(c) Aunt Jennifer's Tigers

10. Answer any two of the following questions. (4+4=8)

(a) Why did the narrator talk to a psychiatrist friend of his and what did he say about the third level?

(b) What made the chief astrologer place his finger on his nose? 

(c) How did Antarctica amaze the writer when she first saw it?

11. Answer any one of the following.(7)

(a) How did Dr Sadao resolve the conflict in his mind between his loyalty to his country and his duty as a doctor?

(b) At the end of the storytelling session, why does Jack consider himself 'caught in an ugly middle position"?

Full Solutions model paper 2023

1. (i) The third great defect of our civilisation is that though science has given humans abundant powers which have the potential fit for the Gods, we use them for our petty chores and problems. We do not know how to use them for bigger and better purposes.

(ii) The machines are demanding fuel for working, oil for Jubrication, extensive maintenance, proper temperature and proper usage.

(iii) Being civilised means making and linking beautiful things, thinking freely and maintaining justice. We should use our extra time and energy in trying to become more civilised.

 (iv) Man has a better chance to be civilised now because he has more time and energy which the machines have saved for him, less to fear and less to fight against. Thus, he can utilise these resources for betterment of mankind and

removing the causes of quarrels between nations.

(v) rage 

(vi) stern

(vii) cultured


(i) The two steps that the government has taken to create a cashless environment in the country are demonetisation and launching its own app 'BHIM' for making cashless transactions.

(ii) Two important reasons to 'go digital' are first, the ease of conducting financial transactions, and second, the safety and ease with which we manage expenses when we travel.

 (iii) The advantages of making transactions digitally are that it makes it easy to keep track of our finances, makes personal budgeting easier, helps in filing Income Tax Returns and, in case of a scrutiny, makes it easier to explain everything to the tax officials.

(iv) The two biggest risks in transacting digitally, according to the passage, are the risk of identity theft and becoming a victim to online fraud.

 (v) drawback

(vi) wads

(vii) activity

2. (a)

Is English Surpassing Indian languages?

English and Hindi, are two official languages in India. North Indians are fluent in English, Hindi and other regional languages, whereas South Indians do not speak Hindi language at all but are good in English. The fact that India is a multi-linguistic nation, supports the prominence of English. More than half the country, by virtue of their education, is proficient in English. English language is surpassing Hindi and other Indian languages also because of an inferiority complex influenced by our colonial past. English has acquired this privileged position because of its contribution in shaping India's development and changing

its fortunes radically. 

To calm the nerves of the nation, we should promote the use of our mother tongue rather than putting an end to the primacy of English language in India.


The Plight of Villagers by Subhansh 

Villages in India are a living story of economic deprivation, places devoid of basic facilities such as in-house toilets, adequate drinking water, dispensaries etc. The lack of these facilities in rural areas poses a threat to the health of India as a whole.

Although access to sanitation is improving, the increase is still not equitable. Also, the health burden due to poor water quality is enormous Water quality problems are also a result of open defecation due to lack of in-house teslets. The lives of villagers are nothing short of a living hell.

Government policies and programmes have undergone A series of transitions, but modification of these is again the need of the hour. Investment in improving sanitation, awareness campaigns, setting up dispensaries, water quality monitoring and infrastructure review can be drivers towards the path of a healthy India. 

3.  North-West Block hamirpur Extension,Kanpur 

12th June, 2023

The Editor

Times of India kanpur 

Subject - Frequent power tripping in area


Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper. I want to draw the kind attention of the concerned authority towards the frequent power tripping in our area. It has become a continuous menace for the residents and it is posing a big problem. As you know electricity is required for the daily life as oxygen, there is not a fix idea when power will trip.

In the time of morning, when one has to leave for one's office and water is required to get ready, then the power failure causes a big trouble as water pump couldn't be run.

Not only this, but in the night also, when one requires a peaceful sleep, it adds to the worries.Children are not able to study well in the absence of power.

Needless to say, how many problems are there, that is just out of the power cut. I hope you will acknowledge this burning problem and will publish it in your daily. I wish authorities could turn theirear on this and the problem could be fixed as soon as possible.

Anticipating your cooperation.



kanpur Road Lucknow 

17th may, 2023

The Health Officer


Subject – Insanitary conditions in our colony

Respected Sir,

This is to bring to light the prevailing insanitary condition in the kanpur Road colony. Due to the negligence of the authorities, the entire colony is facing a rodent problem. The population of rodents has been multiplying exposing the residents to multiple diseases

Despite many requests to the Municipality, the sewers of the colony have not been cleaned for a very long time. Now, they have become the breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents.

In the past, we have already witnessed a hazardous epidemic like plague and if the situation is not checked soon, the matters may become worse.

All this rodents and mosquitoes have made our lives very difficult. They get into our houses and gnaw at various items like electric wiring, clothes etc. Some residents are even

planning to move out if the condition persists.

The problem can be easily dealt with by timely action, or we may face another epidemic. We would have no choice but to leave our homes if such unhygienic and dangerous conditions prevail. Hence, it is my plea to the concerned authorities to take a note of the situation and take urgent action in this matter. 

                                 Yours faithfully


4. I. (i) (a)His father praised him saying that he had secured distinction in three subjects.

(b) The teacher asked me very angrily why I had come. He further added if he had not told me never to see my face again.

 (ii) (a) He ran so quickly that he was able to overtake his father soon.

(b) The great story writer Premchand wrote "Godan". 

(iii) (a) It is time for the matter to be looked into.

(b) No sooner did the teacher enter the class, than the students stood up. 

(iv) (a) Mr. P.K. Roy is an M.P.

(b) Why are you afraid of him?

(v) (a) Bright students can set store by their results.

(b) My boss deals with me in a good manner.

II. (i) (c) Annul  Or  (b) Petite

 (ii) (d) Cowardly.  Or (c) Disapprove

(iii) (c) Veil.          Or (d) Sight

(iv) (b) Abdication Or (a) Ambidextrous

(v) (d) To get ready to deal with something


(a) To hear a rumour about something

 5. Without hope, human life is impossible. If hope was not there. life of man would become very burdensome and filled with sorrow. Students work hard for the full year only with the hope that they will taste success. A farmer does not at all bother about heat and cold. Similarly, traders invest money in trading with the hope that trading will be profitable for them. That is why the intelligent and great men have called hope the symbol of man's ship on his journey through life.

6. (a) When Franz reached school, he found the entire place unusually quiet, strange and solemn. He was late for school and thought that M Hamel would scold him. But, to his surprise, M Hamel spoke very kindly to him and invited him in. However, what confused him the most was the presence of the village elders in the classroom. 

(b) Saheb is a poor ragpicker who lives in Seemapuri. His full name is Saheb-e-Alam', which means 'Lord of the

Universe'. The irony lies in the meaning of his name itself. According to his name, he should be a king and enjoy all the luxuries of life. But unfortunately, he is a barefoot ragpicker, who lacks even the basic necessities.

(c) As Douglas went down to the bottom of the pool for the first time, he felt the way down the pool to be very long and his lungs were ready to burst. He summoned all his strength and jumped up, but could not reach the surface and began to sink again.

7. (a) In the dim light of the forge, the ironmaster mistook the peddler, due to his untidy appearance and shabby clothes, to be his old colleague in the regiment who had fallen on bad days. He wanted to help his 'old colleague and so invited him to his residence, so that he may he helped.

But the peddler declined the invitation because he understood that his real identity would be exposed at the ironmaster's home, when the ironmaster saw him properly. Then he may be turned over to the police. As he was carrying the crofter's stolen money with him, he did not want to get caught with the money, as the crofter would definitely have reported the matter to the police. Consequently, he declined the ironmaster's invitation.

(b) At the court in Motihari, Gandhi was presented and was confronted by the judge that he would be sentenced if he continues to disobey the British Government. But Gandhi confidently replied that he was ready to spend even his whole life in prison. Thereafter, the judge demanded a certain amount of money or bail for his release. Gandhi refused to pay the amount. Seeing this, the people of Motihari learnt about the way they should be taking their stand and started supporting Gandhiji. Finally, the judge had no option but to release him without bail. As a result of this, the phase of India's struggle for freedom took a revolutionary turn with the people marching for Satyagraha.

8. (a) Her mother looked pale and faded, just like a corpse, which worried the poetess. This indicated that her mother may die very soon.

(b) The poetess felt pain in the realisation that she would not see her mother again, as she may die soon.

(c) Simile is used in these lines when the colour of her mother's face is ashen, like that of a corpse.


 (a) The images used to describe the poverty of these children are 'skins peeped through by bones' and 'spectacles of steel with mended glass'..

 (b) The children of the slum lead a life with dirty surroundings in cramped houses which are dark,unpleasant and foggy, meaning that they have 'dim future.

 (c) The figure of speech used in line 3 is a simile, as the mended glass is compared with bits of bottles.

9. (a) In this poem, Pablo Neruda has emphasised the importance of introspection. Man has become very selfish and his own a ctions cause him many miseries. The world today stands divided by the man-made boundaries of caste, creed, race, religion, language, culture, nationality and geographical divisions. We need to rise above these small issues and look at the larger picture. The poet talks about the necessity of creating a feeling of mutual understanding among human beings and discusses the need of maintaining peace.

(b)A Thing of Beauty is an excerpt from 'Keats' first epic poem Endymion: A Poetic Romance. The poem is based on a Greek legend in which Endymion a young shepherd and a poet who lived in Mount Latmos, had a Vision of Cynthia the Moon Goddess. The enchanted youth resolved to seek her out and wandered through forest and sea. The theme of the poem is nature, beauty and youth. This excerpt voices the poet's eternal love for beauty where the poet says that the happiness provided by a beautiful object never fades but multiplies manifolds when it comes to our mind. Therefore, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

(c) In this poem, Adrienne Rich addresses the issue of male dominance. The poem brings out the struggles and conflicts a woman has to go through in a male dominant society. Aunt Jennifer, the protagonist, is symbolic of women all over the world, who are victims of oppression at the hands of the patriarchal system. Thus, the poem illustrates the poetess feminist concerns by presenting the wild, exotic, powerful tigers embroidered by Aunt Jennifer and contrasting them with Aunt Jennifer herself.

10. (a) The narrator talked to his psychiatrist friend because no one believed him and thought he might consult a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist interpreted it as mental disorder and explained that to escape from insecurity, fear, war and worry everyone fantasizes things that never happened.

(b) When the baby Maharaja was only ten days old, he opened his lips in speech and raised intelligent questions to the chief astrologer. He asked him about the manner of his death. This made the chief astrologer place his finger on his nose in wonder.

(c) The writer was amazed to see the vastness and isolation of Antarctica. The white beauty of the place left her wonder struck. She wondered how there could have been a time when India and Antarctica were part of the same landmass - Gondwana.

11. (a) After Sadao brought the wounded American soldier home, his mind was form by the conflict between his sense of patriotism and loyalty to his country, and his loyalty to his profession as a doctor, he was faced with a server dilemma as to whether he should real the white man or not. With the war going on, a American was his enemy, and it was his duty to hand him over to the authorltlers.

But the man was badly wounded and required immediate medical attention. Sadao had been trained not to let a man die if he could help him. It was his moral and ethical duty as a doctor to ireant an ill or wounded person, irrespective of his nationally. Finally, his duty as a doctor compelled him to help the enemy, this resolving the conflict, Sadao valued human life above everything else, and his wife Hana also supported his decision.

(b) Jack feels himself caught in an ugly middle position as he could not help his wife Clare in painting the woodwork, because at that time he was busy in narrating the story to his daughter.

So, Clare must be angry with him. Here, it is important to note that the story also presents the unsettling of gender roles while at the same time revealing the male psyche and Jack's chauvinistic attitude. Secondly, Jack could not convince his daughter that the ending of the story was proper and acceptable. As Jack tells the story, his child Jo strongly expresses both by words and gestures what she thinks about how the story should end, is contrary to what Jack had narrated, i.e. according to the principle that the child must respect the mother and do what she says. Jack realises that what Jo has asked for will not be proper. That is why he feels caught in an ugly middle position of having to decide whether to change the ending of the story or not. So, he defers this decision for another day.

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