Top 250 Synonyms महत्त्वपूर्ण पर्यायवाची शब्द

Top 250 Synonyms महत्त्वपूर्ण पर्यायवाची शब्द

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नमस्कार दोस्तों स्वागत है आपका हमारी वेब साइट subhanshclasses.com पर हम आपको अपनी इस पोस्ट में Top 250 Synonyms बताएंगे जो आपकी विभिन्न परीक्षाओं के लिए बहुत ही महत्त्वपूर्ण है ये सभी विभिन्न परीक्षाओं में बार बार पूछे जाने वाले Top Synonyms है इसलिए आप पोस्ट को पूरा जरूर पढ़ें यदि आपको पोस्ट पसन्द आए तो अपने दोस्तो को भी शेयर करें यदि आपको कुछ पूछना हो तो कॉमेंट करके ज़रूर बताइएगा।

         [ Important Synonyms ]

abandon – relinquish, give up, abdicate, forsake

aid – assistance, help, support, relief

adept – skilful, dexterous, apt, expert 

apology – excuse, regret, pardon, amends

arrogance – pride, haughtiness, insolence, presumptuousness 

ascent – elevation, rise, upswing, lift

attack – assault, onslaught, aggression, invasion

attain – win, gain, achieve, succeed

bane – curse, mischief, scourge, harm

banish – exile, dismiss, expel

bear – endure, tolerate, suffer, sustain

belief – faith, trust, confidence, credence

benefit – profit, advantage, gain, good

brave – courageous, fearless, valiant, bold

build – make, construct, fashion, erect

busy – occupied, engaged, engrossed, employed

candid – frank, straightforward, outspoken, blunt

capture – seize, apprehend, arrest, nab

champion – defender, protector, supporter, victor

chaste – virtuous, pure, undefiled, clean

commend – praise, applaud, approve, compliment

conceal – hide, veil, shroud, disguise

concern – anxiety, worry, solicitude, import

confess – acknowledge, avow, own, admit

conflict – fight, strife, clash, collision

conquer – win, overcome, vanquish, triumph

considerate – thoughtful, kind, humane, sympathetic 

Contain – receive, include, comprise, hold

contribute – give, subscribe, help, assist

convict – criminal, prisoner, captive

copious – adequate, abundant, ample, plentiful

corrupt – demoralised, dishonest, debased, prevent

courage – bravery, valour, audacity, boldness 

cultivate – farm, grow, develop, foster

cunning – crafty, witty, shrewd, sly

curtail – shorten, abate, reduce, diminish

dead – deceased, lifeless, obsolete, extinct

decide – settle, determine, fix, finalize

deduce – infer, conclude, reckon, derive

deed – act, action, work, exploit, achievement 

defeat – foil, conquer, overcome, frustrate

defer – delay, suspend, postpone, stay

dejection – depression. grief, sorrow, despondency

delay – postpone, procrastinate, dally, put off

deliberate – intentional, cool, studied, thoughtful

delightful – pleasing, enjoyable, charming, alluring

deliver – relieve, rescue, redeem, discharge

demolish – destroy, raze, wreck, wipe out

denounce – decry, censure, accuse, curse

depict – delineate, show, exhibit, protray 

derogatory – discreditable, disparaging, defamatory, humiliating

desolate – bleak, barren, lonely, forlorn

despise – scorn, disdain, dislike, detest

destination – goal, end, objective, target

destroy – demolish, ruin, devastate, raze

determination – resolution, will, firm decision, judgment

devastate – ravage, destroy, pillage, ruin

develop – grow, cultivate, produce, evolve

devotee – enthusiast, worshipper, votary, disciple 

dexterous – skilful, deft, clever, adept

diminish – lessen, reduce, waive, dwindle

disaster – calamity, misfortune, tragedy, catastrophe

discard – reject, abandon, eliminate, repudiate

discord – strife, disagreement, dissension, contention

discover – disclose, reveal, discern, find 

disgrace – degradation, dishonour, humiliation, insult

display – show, exhibit, disclose, manifest

dispute – argument, controversy, quarrel, contention 

distress – discomfort, trouble, grief, anxiety

distribute – divide, classify, scatter, apportion

diversity – difference, dissimilarity, variation, variety

divine – godlike, super human, celestial, holy

docile – gentle, submissive, teachable, tractable

dreadful – fearful, horrible, dire, awful

dull – stupid, monotonous, blunt, boring

dynamic – forceful, vigorous, impelling, propulsive

earnest – serious, solemn, fervent, determined

ecstasy – joy, bliss, rapture, enthusiasm

effort – attempt, endeavour, trial, venture

emerge – issue, appear, arise, come forth

encourage – strengthen, inspire, embolden, animate

endeavour – attempt, struggle, seek, strive

endure – continue, last, abide, sustain

enemy – foe, opponent, adversary, antagonist

enormous – huge, excessive, stupendous, tremendous

enthusiam –  spirit, force, zeal, fervour

entreat – request, implore, plead, solicit

eradicate – abolish, eliminate, uproot, exterminate

erect – raise, build, construct, set-up.

esteem – respect, regard, estimation, honour.

elernal – endless, everlasting, immortal, perpetual 

fade – pale, dim, vanish, languish

fabricate – build, construct, invent, make up

faint – swoon, fade, weaken, dim

fame – distinction, renown, eminence, repute

fatal – deadly, lethal, mortal, fateful

fierce – ferocious, savage, violent, aggressive

flaw –  defect, fault, imperfection, mistake

foil –  frustrate, baffle, circumvent, balk

forbid – prohibit, inhibit, ban, interdict

fortitude – courage, patience, endurance

frenzy – fury, rage, excitement, enthusiasm

gift – present, donation, bounty, contribution

gloom – dejection, shadow, obscurity, darkness

grief – sorrow, distress, affliction, tribulation

gruesome – fearful, ghastly, grisly, hideous

hardship – difficulty, adversity, calamity, affliction

haughty – arrogant, proud, overbearing, supercillious

 haven –  refuge, sanctuary, shelter, protection

holy –  pious, saintly, blessed, godly

homage – respect, tribute, veneration, reverence

horror – dread, terror, disgust, aversion

hostage – security, pledge, guarantee, bond

humane – kind, merciful, tender, sympathetic

humble – modest, meek, submissive, paltry

ideal – model, paragon, perfect, example

idle – inactive, unemployed, useless, futile

ignoble – vile, base, low, detestable

illustrious – renowned, eminent, distinguished, famous

immense – vast. great, tremendous, huge

inmortal – everlasting, eternal, divine, deathless, imperishable

impediment – hindrance, obstacle, block, obstruction

incessant – endless, continual, unceasing, uninterrupted

incite – stir, urge. provoke, instigate

independence – freedom, liberty, self-reliance, self-government

indifference – neutrality, coldness, apathy, unconcern

industrious – active, hardworking, diligent, assiduous

infinite – limitless, boundless, timeless, endless

junk – waste, refuse, trash

knave – rogue, rascal, scamp, miscreant

lack – want, deficiency, shortage, need

languish – weaken, fail, fade, decline

lazy – indolent, slothful, slow, sluggish

liberty – freedom, independence, emancipation, privilege

magnificent – grand, splendid, noble, superb

manifest – bring forward, show, display, disclose

massacre – killing, butchery, slaughter, carnage

 melancholy – dejected, depressed, dispirited, sad

mourn – lament, grieve, bewail, bemoan

mutiny – rebellion, revolt, uprising, insurgence

mysterious – baffling, inscrutable, obscure, enigmatic

naughty – disobedient, wayward, mischeivous, troublesome

nefarious – evil, unlawful, shameful, wicked

obligatory – compulsory, imperative, necessary, unavoidable

obsolete – extinct, outworn, discarded, antiquated

obstacle – hindrance, difficulty, barrier, obstruction

obtain – acquire, get, procure, attain

obvious – manifest, bear, evident, plain

offence – insult, affront, attack, wrong

officious – interfering, meddlesome, obtrusive, presumptuous

oppressive – tryrannical, cruel, onerous, grinding

oust – depose, evict, remove, dislodge

outlaw – criminal, bandit, fugitive, desparado

outstanding – prominent, exceptional, remarkable, eminent

overcome – conquer, defeat, overthrow, surmount

pact – treaty, bargain, agreement, accord

pardon – forgive, excuse, overlook, tolerate

peak – summit, top, apex, pinnacle

perennial – enduring, lasting, endless, presistent

peril – danger, hazard, risk, chance

perpetual – eternal, everlasting, ceaseless, incessant

pierce – puncture, penetrate bore, wound

plausible – credible, reasonable, believable, defensible

plead – assert, state, urge, allege

 polite – civil, courteous, polished, refined

ponder – think, muse, deliberate

postpone – procrastinate, delay, defer, shelve

praise – commendation, acclaim, approval, applause

pray – implore, beg, request, entreat

precarious – dangerous, risky, unsafe, insecure

precious – priceless, costly, invaluable, dear

prevent – hinder, stop, check, restrain

prize – trophy, medal, award, laurel

probe – search, investigate, explore, verify

proceed – continue, progress, advance, move

proficient – expert, adept, well-versed, skilful

prominent – notable, salient, distinguished, eminent

protect – defend, guard, shield, save

prudence – discretion, carefulness, caution, foresight

quarrel – altercation, wrangle, dispute, controversy

queer – odd, strange, giddy, faint

quiet – peaceful, tranquil, serene, silent

quit – resign, abandon, leave, stop

rage – fury, frenzy, wrath, craze

raise – lift, stir up, incite, increase

raze – demolish, destroy, level, obliterate

recover – regain, redeem, salvage, recuperate

regard – respect, esteem, consider

reliable – trustworthy, dependable, responsible

rescue – liberate, set free, deliver, save

rigid – stiff, inflexible, unbending

rude – barbaric, uncivil, insolent

ruin – destruction, downfall, wreck, perdition

sacred – sacrosanct, holy, consecrated, sanctified

savage – wild, barbarous, uncivilized, rude

scorn – contempt, despise, derision, disdain 

scruplous – exact, careful, fastidious, meticulous

seize – grasp, capture, arrest, confiscate

soothe – quiet, assuage, console, comfort

splendid – gorgeous, magnificent, glorious, resplendent

spontaneouns – instinctive, automatic, involuntary, natural

spurious – false, counterfeit, sham

strange – unusual, odd, unfamiliar, queer 

strife – contention, rivalry, discord, dispute

struggle – fight, battle, strive, endeavour

summit – top, apex, zenith, peak

target – aim, mark, goal, object

tedious – wearisome, boring, dull, monotonous

timid – cowardly, timorous, shy, diffident

tremendous – stupendous, colossal, huge, extra-ordinary 

trust – faith, reliance, confidence, belief 

understanding – discernment, comprehension, insight, perception

unique – singular, unequalled,matchless, unprecedented 

uproar – tumult, hubbub, pandemonium, bedlam

urge – solicit, plead, exhort, press

uphold – maintain, support, champion, approve

vague – unclear, indistinct, obscure, indefinite

vanish – disappear, fade out, dissolve, become invisible

venture – dare, risk, hazard, undertake

vice – wickedness, fraility, degradation, sin

victory – conquest, triumph, success, winning

vigilant – alert, wary, watchful, cautious 

waive – decrease, lessen, diminish, fade

wicked – evil, bad, heartless, cruel

withhold – restrain, detain, hold back, suppress

wreck – destruction, ruin, collapse, crash

wretched – miserable, mean, unfortunate, deplorable

yearn – pine, long, hanker, grieve

yield – produce, give in, concede, surrender

zeal – earnestness, passion, enthusiasm, eagerness

zenith – summit, top, apex, climax

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