कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी यूपी बोर्ड अर्द्धवार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर का सम्पूर्ण हल 2022–23

  Up board half yearly exam paper class 10 English full solutions 2022-23

कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी यूपी बोर्ड अर्द्धवार्षिक परीक्षा पेपर का सम्पूर्ण हल 2022–23

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                     Class   10th

                  Subject – English

Time-2 hours 30 Minutes         [M.M.-70]

Note:- (1) All Questions are Compultory.

(2) Marks are indicated in against each questions.

(3) This question paper in divided into two 

Sections - A and B.


Note - Choose the most appropriate alternative from and Blacken the Correct answer circle on OMR Sheet.

Q-1. Where was Lencho's house situated? 

(a) bottom of the hill

(b)top of hill

(c) top of a plateau

 (d) in a city

Ans.(b)top of hill

Q-2. How much money did Lencho ask for?

 (a) 100 pesos

(b) 1000 pesos 

(c) 10 pesos

(d) 500 pesos

Ans.(a) 100 pesos

Q-3. What was saved for the poet?

(a) Crow

(b) Tree


(d) Some part of the day

Ans.(d) Some part of the day

Q-4.How many siblings did Anne have? 

(a) 1




Ans.(a) 1

Q-5. What does the speaker forbid Amanda to eat?

(a) food

(b) fruit


(d) all of the above


Q-6. Who wrote the letter received by Miss Mason?

(a) Wanda

 (b) Wanda's father

(c)Wanda's mother 

(d) Wanda's brother

Ans.(a) Wanda

Q-7. What is the meaning of Whine?

(a) Abeverage 

(b) Cry 

(c) Shout

(d) None

Ans.(b) Cry

Q-8. What did Valli wish?

(a) Bus ride 

(b) Truck ride

(c) Carride

(d) Cycle ride

Ans.(a) Bus ride

Q-9. Far how many years did he wander ?  (a) 7



(d) 6

Ans.(a) 7

 Q-10. What is the colour of the ramparts of the your lady?

(a) Golden 

(b) Silver 

(c) Honey

(d) Brown

Ans-(c) Honey

Q-11. 'Ancient means

(a) Period 

(b)Very old

 (c) Scene 


Ans.(b)Very old

Q-12.Ne_ ghb_ur is complete

(a) Neighbour 

(c) Neoghbiur

(b) Neeghbeur

(d) Any no

Ans.(a) Neighbour

Q-13.Complete the spellings 


(a) Seorce

 (b) Source

(c) Soerce

(d) Siorce

Ans. (b) Source

Q-14.Look you leap. 

(a) Look before you leap

(b) Look after you leap 

(c) Look out you leap Some body knocked

(d)Look inside after you leap

Ans.(d)Look inside after you leap

Q-15.Some body knocked

–my door.

(a) at

(b) in

(c) on

(d) from

Ans.(a) at

Q-16.He alighted….the bus.

 (a) from


(c) at

(d) inside

Ans.(a) from

Q 17.liked the story _much.

(a) very

(b) always

(c) were

(d) quite

Ans.(a) very

Q-18.Correct form of the verb

_is good for health.


(b) walk


(d) sitting


Q-19. Did he _ worried?


(b) looked

 (c) looks

(d) any no


Q-20. Aman _ selling beautiful balloons


(b) were


(d) have


50 Marks

Q-21. Read the following passage and answer the question given below it. (Section-1)

Lencho showed not the lightest surprise on seeing the money such was his confidence-but a beome angry when he counted the money! God could not have made a mistak? nor could he have denied Lencho what he had requested immediately. Lercho went to the window to ask for paper and ink on the public writing table he started to write, with much wrinkling of his brow, used by the effort he had to make to express his ideas. 

(i) Why did Lencho become angry? 

Ans.Lencho was single-minded and his immense faith in God made him think that God would give him the hundred pesos he had asked from him. On seeing that he had only received seventy pesos, he thought that the employees of the post office had stolen the rest of the money. This made Lencho angry.

(ii) Why did Lencho go to the window? 

Ans.Lencho went up to the window to ask for paper and ink. On the public writing-table, he started to write, with much wrinkling of his brow, caused by the effort he had to make to express his ideas.

Q.-22. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40 words. 

(a) Why did Kisa Gotami say "How selfish am in my grief!" What did she realise about the fate of mankind?

(b) Why did Anne Frank maintain a diary? 

Ans.Anne believed that she does not have any close and true friends whom she can confide in. Though she had friends, she was never able to truly open up about her feelings with them. So she decided to confide all her thoughts and innermost feelings to her diary instead.

Q 23.Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words. 2+2=4

 (a) What does Mandela think about the patriots? Can they be repaid?

Ans.Nelson Mandela thinks about the patriots that the freedom and democratic government have all come only due to the great ssacrifices of many patriots. They are those people who did not care about their life and sacrificed their lives for country. So, they can not be repaid.

(b)How did the hailstones affect Lencho's field? What was Lencho's only hope?

(c) What did the baker do first once he reached a house? 

Ans.The baker would first greet the lady of the house by saying Good Morning. He would then place the basket on the vertical bamboo and deliver the loaves to the servant.

Q-24. Match the words of list 'A' with their meanings in list 'B'.

List 'A'                        List 'B'

Fairly                      Disgusting

Repulsive                Properly

Affixed.                    harvest

Crop                       struck


Repulsive – Disgusting

Affixed – struck

Crop –harvest

Q-25. Give the central idea of any one of the following poem.

 (a) Dust of snow

Ans.The central idea of the poem Dust and Snow written by Robert Frost is that one may have the worst day or time of his life, but a little good thing can make it quite amazing. The crow, the hemlock tree and the dust are some bad signs that normally make the people believe that something wrong is going to happen.

(b) Amanda

Q-26. Answer any two of the following questions in about 30 words each.

(a) How was the behavior of the doctor to words the dog?

Ans.The behavior of the doctor towards tricky was very kind and caring . The doctor tried to help the dog in any possible way by advise or by admitting her into a hospital. He was also very strict but altogether kind as he cared about the dog and helped him in each step

 (b) Why was he chosen by Hari Singh as his new victim?

Ans.Hari Singh was an experienced thief. He found Anil, a wrestler an easy-going, kind and simple man, the correct person for his purpose. He found him an easy target to win confidence.

(C) How Sulekha became Bholi ? What was the reason behind that? 

Q-27. Point out the True and False' statements in the following. 

(a) Bishamber gave proposal to marry Bholi.True

(b) Matilda was a pretty lady.True 

(c) Griffin was a  brilliant scientist.True

(d) Hari singh was a thief.True

(e)James Herriot was a veterinary surgeon.True 

Q-28. Do as directed against each of the following statements. 

(1) Gave him the father poor five hundred treatment rupees for(Fram a correct sentence by re-ordering the words.)

 (ii) The teacher baid to the boys, "work hard to pass the examination." 

(iii)Do you help me? (Change into indirect) (Change into passive voice) 

(iv)Punctuate the following using capital letters wherever necessary. said to my motherwill you give me five hundred rupees as i wish 

Q 29.

हमारा देश तेजी से उन्नती कर रहा है। यह एक प्रगतिशील देश है जनसंख्या और बढ़ती कीमतें बड़ी समस्यायें है। यदि हम इन्हें नियंत्रित कर ले तो हमारा देश महान बन सकता है।

Ans.Our country is progressing rapidly. It is a progressive country, population and rising prices are big problems. If we can control them then our country can become great.

Q-30. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to attend your birthday party. 


jhalokhar, hamirpur 

uttar pradesh 

21st January 2023

My dear Hari,

You will be glad to know that my birthday comes off on 3rd February. I have arranged a small party at our house in the afternoon at about 5 p.m. on that day. I would earnestly request you to join the party. raju, Mohit, Lila and some other friends have agreed to attend it and I  sincerely believe you will also join us.

There will be lots of fun in the party. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Yours truly,



White an application to the principal of your college provide the facility of evening games.

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