A Triumph of Surgery class 10 English question Answer/कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी नोट्स

 A Triumph of Surgery question answer class 10 English

A Triumph of Surgery class 10 English question Answer

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Footprints Without Feet: Supplementary

Chapter 01 A Triumph of Surgery James Herriot

Tricki Looks ill When Dr James was driving he saw Mrs Pumphrey and Tricki walking down the street. As he stopped his car, he was shocked to see that Tricki had become very fat like a sausage with a leg at each corner. His eyes were red and his tongue was hanging out. It looked like Tricki lacked energy and was ill. Dr James enquired about Tricki's health from Mrs Pumphrey.

Dr James Enquires About Tricki -Mrs Pumphrey explained to Dr James that Tricki was looking listless (dull) and weak. She felt that he was suffering from malnutrition. So, she had been giving him some extra food (malt, cod-liver oil and Horlicks) between his main meals.

Further, Dr James asked Mrs Pumphrey whether she had cut down the sweet things from Tricki's diet. Mrs Pumphery replied that she had tried but failed as Tricki loves cream cakes and chocolates. She also told to Dr James that Tricki only walks with her and does not play games like ring-throwing which he played earlier.

Dr James Advice

After knowing about Tricki's condition and his routine, Dr James informed Mrs Pumphrey that if she did not reduce his food and increase his exercise, her dog (Tricki) would fall ill. He also advised her to strictly follow the prescribed diet. Mrs

Pumphrey confessed that it would be very difficult for her. But, she agreed to try and walked off with Tricki.

 Dr James Received a Message from Mrs Pumphrey After a few days, Mrs Pumphrey called and informed Dr James about Tricki's health. She told him that Tricki was not eating anything and had been vomiting. She further informed him that her dog spent all his time lying on a rug and did not do anything.

Dr James knew that the only way to cure Tricki was to get him out of the house for some time. He suggested Mrs Pumphrey to hospitalise him for a fortnight for observation so that the proper treatment can follow.

Tricki's Farewell

Dr James suggestion broke Mrs Pumphrey's heart but, she allowed him to take Tricki along with him to his surgery. Dr James carried Tricki wrapped in a blanket to his car.

The maids started to put together things that Tricki would need during hospitalisation. These include his beds (day and night) cushions, toys, bowls, etc. Dr James started to drive off as he knew that his car could not carry so many things. He noticed in the mirror that everybody was in tears.

Tricki's Stay and Recovery at the Hospital

Many other dogs in the hospital sniffed around him and found him uninterested in anything. Tricki was put on a water diet for first two days. At the end of the second day. Tricki started to show some Interest in his surroundings. On the thrid day he whimpered (cried in low and weak sound), trotted (walked slowly) and joined the greyhound (hunting dog) in the garden.

Later on the third day, he ran with enthusiasm when the food was served. He also gulped (swallowed) down the extra food that was put out for him.

Tricki's Recovered very Fast

Tricki recovered at a very fast pace (speed). No medicine had been given to Tricki for his treatment. He had started running all day long and enjoyed with other dogs. He found joy in being bowled over (pushed) and squashed. He became a part of the gang of dogs at the hospital. He not only fought with them for food but also chased rats with them at night.

Mrs Pumphrey's Concern

Mrs Pumphrey used to phone the vet's clinic several times in a day. As she was keen to know about Tricky's recovery. Dr James did not pay much attention to her questions about Tricki's dressing, but he assured her that Tricki was out of danger.

As Tricki's health started improving. Mrs Pumphrey started sending additional food items, like eggs, wine and brandy for Tricki. As this was not required in Tricki's diet, the vet and his partner consumed these additional items themselves.

Everybody was so happy with the unusual delicious food that they wanted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest.

Tricki Goes Home

As Dr James knew that Mrs Pumphrey loved Tricki very much he called and informed her that Tricki was fit and could go home. Mrs Pumphrey reached the surgery within half an hour.

Mrs Pumphrey enquired about Tricki's actual condition. Dr James informed her that Tricki was fine and went to get Tricki from the garden. Tricki had become healthy and strong in his two weeks stay at the surgery.

As soon as the dog saw his owner, he jumped into her lap and started licking her face. Mrs Pumphrey was very happy at finding Tricki as excited as he used to be. She thanked Dr James Herriot and called the treatment "A triumph of surgery."

ट्रिकी का बीमार दिखना

जब डॉ. जेम्स गाड़ी चला रहे थे तो उन्होंने श्रीमती पम्फ्रे और ट्रिकी को सड़क पर चलते हुए देखा। जैसे ही उन्होंने अपनी कार रोकी, वह यह देखकर चौंक गए कि ट्रिकी बहुत मोटा हो गया था, जैसे कि किसी फूले हुए कबाब के टुकड़े के हर कोने में पैर निकल आए हो। उसकी आँखें लाल थी और उसकी जीभ बाहर लटकी हुई थी। ऐसा लग रहा था कि ट्रिकी में ऊर्जा की कमी थी और वह बीमार था। डॉ. जेम्स ने श्रीमती पम्फ्रे से ट्रिकी के स्वास्थ्य के बारे में पूछताछ की।

डॉ. जेम्स ने ट्रिकी के बारे में पूछताछ की

श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने डॉ. जेम्स को बताया कि ट्रिकी उदास (सुस्त) और कमजोर दिख रहा था। उसे लगा कि वह कुपोषण से पीड़ित है। इसलिए, वह उसे उसके मुख्य भोजन के मध्य कुछ अतिरिक्त भोजन (माल्ट, मछली का तेल और हॉर्लिक्स) दे रही थी।

आगे, डॉ जेम्स ने श्रीमती पम्फ्रे से पूछा कि क्या उन्होंने ट्रिकी के आहार से मीठी चीजों को कम कर दिया हैं। श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने उत्तर दिया कि उसने कोशिश की थी लेकिन असफल रही, क्योंकि ट्रिकी को क्रीम केक और चॉकलेट पसन्द हैं। उसने डॉ. जेम्स को यह भी बताया कि ट्रिकी केवल उसके साथ चलता और रिंग-थ्रोइंग जैसे खेल नहीं खेलता है जोकि वह (ट्रिकी) पहले खेला करता था।

डॉ. जेम्स की सलाह

ट्रिकों की स्थिति और उसकी दिनचर्या के बारे में जानने के बाद डॉ. जेम्स ने श्रीमती पछे को सूचित किया कि यदि उन्होंने उसके भोजन को कम नहीं किया और उसका व्यायाम नहीं बढ़ाया, तो उनका कुत्ता (ट्रिकी) बीमार हो जाएगा। उन्होंने (डॉ. जेम्स) उन्हें (श्रीमती पम्फे निर्धारित आहार का सख्ती से पालन करने

की सलाह भी दी। श्रीमती पम्फे ने स्वीकार किया कि यह उनके लिए बहुत कठिन होगा, लेकिन यह कोशिश करने के लिए तैयार हो गई और ट्रिकी के साथ चली गई। डॉ. जेम्स को श्रीमती पम्फ्रे से संदेश प्राप्त होना

कुछ दिनों के बाद, श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने डॉ. जेम्स को ट्रिकी के स्वास्थ्य के बारे में बताया और सूचित किया। श्रीमती पम्फे ने बताया कि ट्रिकी कुछ भी नहीं खा रहा था और उल्टी कर रहा था। उसने आगे बताया कि उसका कुत्ता अपना सारा समय गलीचे पर लेटे रहने में व्यतीत करता है और कुछ भी नहीं करता है। डॉ. जेम्स जानते थे कि ट्रिकी को ठीक करने का एक ही तरीका है कि उन्हें

कुछ समय के लिए घर से बाहर निकाल दिया जाए। उन्होंने श्रीमती पम्फ्रे को दो सप्ताह के लिए उसे अस्पताल में भर्ती करने का सुझाव दिया ताकि उचित उपचार किया जा सके।

ट्रिकी की विदाई

डॉ. जेम्स के सुझाव ने श्रीमती पम्फ्रे का दिल तोड़ दिया, परन्तु उन्होंने उसे अपनी सर्जरी के लिए ट्रिकी को अपने साथ ले जाने की अनुमति दी। डॉ. जेम्स ट्रिकी को कम्बल में लपेटकर अपनी कार तक ले गए।

नौकरानियों ने उन चीजों को एक साथ रखना शुरू कर दिया जिनकी अस्पताल में भर्ती होने के दौरान ट्रिकी को आवश्यकता होगी। इसमें उसके बिस्तर (दिन और रात के) तकिए, खिलौने, कटोरे आदि शामिल है। कि उसकी कार डॉ. जेम्स ने गाड़ी चलाना शुरू कर दिया, क्योंकि वह जानता था इतनी सारी चीजें नहीं ले जा सकती। उसने शीशा में देखा कि सभी लोग रो रहे थे।

ट्रिकी का अस्पताल में रहना और ठीक होना

अस्पताल में कोई अन्य कुत्तों ने उसको चारों ओर से सूंघ लिया और उसने किसी भी चीज़ में दिलचस्पी नहीं दिखाई। पहले दो दिनों के लिए ट्रिकी को पानी के आहार पर रखा गया था। दूसरे दिन के अन्त में, ट्रिकी ने अपने परिवेश में कुछ दिलचस्पी दिखानी शुरू कर दी।

तीसरे दिन वह फुसफुसाया (कम और कमजोर आवाज में रोया), टटोला (धीरे-धीरे चला) और बगीचे में ग्रेहाउण्ड (शिकार कुत्ते) में शामिल हो गया।

बाद में तीसरे दिन, जब भोजन परोसा गया तो वह उत्साह के साथ दौड़ा। उसने जो अतिरिक्त भोजन उसके लिए रखा था, उसे भी निगल लिया।

ट्रिकी का तेजी से ठीक होना ट्रिकी बहुत जल्दी से ठीक हुआ। ट्रिकी को उसके इलाज के लिए कोई दवा नहीं दी गई थी। उसने दिन भर दौड़ना शुरू कर दिया था और दूसरे कुत्तों के साथ मस्ती करता था।

उसे फेंके जाने (धक्का) और कुचले जाने में खुशी मिली। वह अस्पताल में कुत्तों की टोली का हिस्सा बन जाता है। वह न केवल उनके साथ भोजन के लिए लड़ता था बल्कि रात में उनके साथ चूहों का भी पीछा करता था।

श्रीमती पम्फ्रे की चिन्ता

श्रीमती पम्फ्रे दिन में कई बार पशु चिकित्सक के क्लिनिक को फोन करती थीं, क्योंकि वह ट्रिकी के ठीक होने के बारे में जानना चाहती थी। डॉ. जेम्स ने ट्रिकी की ड्रेसिंग के बारे में उसके सवालों पर ज्यादा ध्यान नहीं दिया, परन्तु उसने उसे आश्वासन दिया कि ट्रिकी खतरे से बाहर है।

जैसे ही ट्रिकी के स्वास्थ्य में सुधार होने लगा, श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने ट्रिकी के लिए अण्डे, शराब और ब्रांडी जैसे अतिरिक्त खाद्य पदार्थ भेजना शुरू कर दिया, क्योंकि ट्रिकी के आहार में इसकी आवश्यकता नहीं थीं इसीलिए पशु चिकित्सक और उसके साथी ने इन अतिरिक्त वस्तुओं का स्वयं सेवन किया।

हर कोई असामान्य स्वादिष्ट भोजन से इतना खुश था कि वे ट्रिकी को एक स्थायी अतिथि के रूप में रखना चाहते थे।

Q1. Why is Mrs Pumphrey worried about Tricki? श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ट्रिकी के बारे में चिन्तित क्यों है?

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey is worried about Tricki because he is unwell. She feels that he is suffering from a serious health issue such as malnutrition, as he has become dull and seems to have no energy.

Q 2. What does she do to help him? Is she wise in this? वह उसकी (ट्रिकी की) सहायता करने के लिए क्या करती है? क्या वह इस बारे में समझदार है?

Ans. To help Tricki and to improve his condition, Mrs. Pumphrey starts giving him extra food like malt, cod-liver oil and Horlicks, between his main meals. She also continues to give him sweet like cream cakes and chocolates. She is not wise in doing so because overfeeding Tricki is worsening his condition instead of improving it. It has made him very fat and lazy.

Q3. Who does 'T' refer to in this story? इस कहानी में 'मैं' किसके लिए प्रयुक्त हुआ है?

Ans. T refers to the narrator, Dr James Herriot, a veterinary doctor who guides Mrs. Pumphrey in taking care of her dog, Tricki.

Q4. Is the narrator as rich as Tricki's mistress?

क्या कथावाचक ट्रिकी की मालकिन के जितना अमीर है?

Ans. No, the narrator is not as rich as Tricki's mistress, Mrs Pumphery. We can say so because the narrator seems fascinated by how Mrs. Pumphrey spends on the well-being and maintenance of her pet. He is unusually surprised by the enriching items she sends for Tricki, as he cannot afford them for himself.

Q5. How does he treat the dog? वह कुत्ते का इलाज कैसे करता है?

Ans. James Herriot treats Tricki just like he would treat an overweight and lazy dog. He cuts down his food intake and keeps him under strict observation for the initial days at the hospital. He gradually increases Tricki's food and sets him free for physical activities to improve his health.

Q6. Why is he tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest?

वह ट्रिकी को स्थायी मेहमान की तरह क्यों रखना चाहता है?

Ans. Mr Herriot is tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest because of the good food and wine he is enjoying in Tricki's name. He does not want to lose the luxurious inflow of fresh eggs, wine and brandy that Tricki's mistress, Mrs. Pumphrey sends for her dog.

Q7. Why does Mrs. Pumphrey think the dog's recovery is "a triumph of surgery"? श्रीमती पम्फ्रे कुत्ते के स्वास्थ्य सुधार को "जानवरों के चिकित्सालय की जीत" क्यों मानती है?

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey thinks that Tricki's recovery is "a triumph of surgery" because according to her, his illness was very serious. She was of the opinion that there were very few chances of Tricki's improvement and he needed immediate medical attention. Thus, for her Tricki's revival without any medication was a great achievement.

Q8. What kind of a person do you think the narrator, a veterinary surgeon, is? Would you say he is tactful as well as full of common sense?

आपके अनुसार कथावाचक, पशु का शल्य-चिकित्सक, किस तरह का व्यक्ति है? क्या आप उसे युक्तिसंगत के साथ-साथ व्यावहारिक बुद्धि वाला व्यक्ति कह सकते हैं?

Ans. The narrator, a veterinary surgeon, is a capable and wise doctor. He handles Tricki properly which shows that he is sincere about his profession.

He does not operate upon the dog unnecessarily and cures him by changing his diet and activities.

He is a tactful person as he knew exactly how to convince Mrs Pumphrey to hospitalise Tricki for a surgery. His decision to inform Mrs Pumphrey to take Tricki home supports his sensibilities even though he was tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest because he liked the things which Mrs Pumphrey sends for her dog.

Q9. Do you think Tricki was happy to go home? What do you think will happen now? है कि दिकी पर जाने से प्रसन्न था आपके विचार से अब क्या होगा है

Ans. Yes, I think Tricki was happy to go back home as he really loved his mistress Mrs. Pumphery also missed Tricks a lot and both of them seemed equally excited when they met again. He forgot his friends and the doctor when he saw his mistress and sailed into Mrs. Pumphreys lap and started Beking herface with love

I think that Mrs Pumphrey will now be careful about Tricki's diet and health and daily exercise prescribed by the veterinary doctor. Besides that, now Tricki also had become an active and hard-muscled dog who loved playing and other activities. He will not become lazy and fat again.

Q10.Do you think it is a real-life episode or mere fiction? Or is it a mixture of both?

आपको ये वास्तविक जीवन की घटना या कल्पना मात्र लगती हैं? या यह दोनों का संयोग है?

Ans. The story seems to be a mixture of both. It may be possible for rich people to overfeed their pets due to love but it is not unusual for them to maintain a vast wardrobe for them either. It is also unusual for them to serve wine and brandy to their pets.

However, it is unlikely for a veterinary doctor to go out of the way and lie in order to save an animal. It is also unusual for anyone to consume food which is given in the name of a pet's health.

Q11. This episode describes the silly behaviour of a rich woman who is foolishly indulgent, perhaps because she is lonely. Do you think such people are merely silly or can their actions cause harm to others?

यह घटना एक अमीर महिला के मूर्खतापूर्ण व्यवहार का वर्णन करता है जो मूर्खतापूर्ण तरीके से दयालु है, शायद क्योंकि वह अकेली है। क्या आप सोचते हैं कि ऐसे लोग केवल बेवकूफ होते हैं या उनके कार्य दूसरों को नुकसान पहुँचा सकते हैं?

Ans.Mrs. Pumphreys's silly behaviour of being foolishly indulgent with her dog Tricki, most probably rises out of her loneliness. She treats Tricki like a child. She not only dresses him up according to the weather but also pampers him.

Such actions of Mrs Pumphrey are not only silly, they also cause harm to others. Because of her over parenting, Tricki's condition is so worsened that he needs to be hospitalised to be kept away from her.

Q12. Do you think there are also parents like Mrs Pumphrey?

क्या आप सोचते हैं कि श्रीमती पम्फ्रे जैसे अभिभावक (माता-पिता) भी है?

Ans. Yes, I think there are some parents like Mrs. Pumphrey who spoil their children by over pampering them. They provide them with excess junk food, cold drinks, sweet, chocolates etc. and overfeed them in love despite being aware of its harmful effects on their health. They don't encourage them to do physical activities and exercises. They regret only when things get worse.

Q13. What would you have done if you were: (i) a member of the staff in Mrs Pumphrey's household. 

(ii) a neighbour? What would your life have been like, in general?

आप क्या करते यदि आप होते: (i) श्रीमती पम्फ्रे के घरेलू कर्मचारियों के सदस्य (ii) पड़ोसी ? सामान्यतया आपका जीवन कैसा होता? 

Ans.(i) If I were a member of the staff in her household, I would have not followed Mrs. Pumphrey's command to feed Tricki blindly. Infact, I would have fed him according to the vet's advice. I would have also skipped sending the unnecessary stuff like toys, cushions, etc to the hospital. My life would have been a very busy one, as I would have had to take care of the household chores and meet Tricki's demands on time.

(ii) If I were Mrs. Pumphrey's neighbour. I would have advised her to consult a vet and follow his advice strictly keeping in mind Tricki's deteriorating health. I would have also been supportive in their hard time when Tricki was hospitalised.

My life as Mrs. Pumphrey's neighbour would have been full of surprises and gifts as Mrs. Pumphrey was a loving lady.

Q14. What would you have done if you were in the narrator's place?

यदि आप कथावाचक के स्थान पर होते तो आप क्या करते? 

Ans. If I were in the narrator's place, I would have treated Tricki with a similar amount of compassion and love. I would have been equally caring as Mr. James Herriot towards Tricki. I would have just been a little more serious while advising Mrs Pumphrey to put Tricki on a strict diet knowing her way of showing love. I would have also not consumed Tricki's share of eggs, wine and brandy sent by Mrs. Pumphrey.


परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से 3 Short Answer Type Questions दिए जाएंगे, जिनमें से किन्हीं 2 के Answer दिए जाने है। प्रत्येक प्रश्न के लिए 2 अंक निर्धारित हैं।

Q1. Why was Dr. Herriot really worried about Tricki?. डॉ. हेरियट ट्रिकी के बारे में वास्तव में चिन्तित क्यों थे?


Why was Dr. Herriot shocked at the appearance of Tricki?

डॉ. हेरियट ट्रिकी के स्वरूप को देखकर चौंक क्यों गए थे?

Ans. When Dr. Herriot saw the dog with his mistress, Mrs. Pumphrey, he was shocked at his appearence. The dog had become hugely fat. He looked like a bloated sausage with four legs such a miserable condition of the dog really worried the doctor.

Q2. What 'extra' did Mrs Pumphrey start to give Tricki and why?

श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने ट्रिकी को क्या 'अतिरिक्त' देना प्रारम्भ किया था और क्यों?

 Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey thought that Tricki was suffering from malnutrition, as he was weak and dull. So, she started to give him extra food like cod-liver oil and malt between the main meals and Horlicks after dinner to make him sleep. She also gave him cream cakes and chocolates.

 Q3. What was the only fault of Tricki as diagnosed by Dr. Herriot?

डॉ. हेरियट के निरीक्षण के अनुसार ट्रिकी की एकमात्र गलती क्या थी?


What was the major flaw in Tricki? ट्रिकी में मुख्य दोष क्या था?

Ans. Dr Herriot diagnosed that the only fault of Tricki for his health condition was his greed for food. He did not know to refuse food. He would tackle a meal at any hour of the day or night. 

Q4. What did Dr. Herriot warn Mrs. Pumphrey severely?

डॉ. हेरियट ने गम्भीरता से श्रीमती पके को क्या चेतावनी दी ?

 Ans. Mr. Herriot suggested Mrs. Pumphrey severely that she had to cut down the diet of Trick. If she did n't cut his food right down and gave him more exercise he is going to be really ill. She must harden her heart and keep Tricki on a very strick diet.

Q5. What made Mrs. Pumphrey call the vet, Dr. Herriot? श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने जानवरों के डॉक्टर डॉ. हेरियट को फोन क्यों किया? Or 

What was the condition of Tricki when Mrs. Pumphrey called Dr. Herriot? Or जब श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने डॉ. हेरियट को फोन किया तब ट्रिकी की हालत कैसी


Ans. Tricki's health condition made Mrs. Pumphrey to call Dr. Herriot. Tricki was not eating anything and refused his favourite dishes and besides, he had bouts of vomiting. He spent all his time lying on a rug, panting. He did not go for walk and didn't want to do anything.

Q6. What did Dr. Herriot suggest about the dog? How did Mrs. Pumphrey react on this? डॉ. हेरियट ने कुत्ते के बारे में क्या सलाह दी? इस पर श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने क्या प्रतिक्रिया दी ?

Ans. Dr. Herriot suggested that there was the only way to save Tricki that he had to be hospitalized for about a fortnight to be kept under observation. Mrs. Pumphrey almost swooned by hearing this. She

thought that Tricki would pine and die without her.

 Q7. How did Mrs. Pumphrey and her servants behave when Tricki was being taken away to the surgery? जब ट्रिकी को जानवरों के अस्पताल ले जाया गया तो श्रीमती पम्फ्रे और उनके नौकरों ने कैसा व्यवहार किया?

Ans.Mrs. Pumphrey started crying upon realising that Tricki was being taken away to the surgery. All the servants were woken up. They rushed in and out carrying all the things that Tricki would need after hospitalisation. These things included beds, cushions, toys, bowls, coats etc. Mrs. Pumphrey threw an armful of the little coats of Tricki through the window with a despairing cry.

Q8. How did the household dogs of Dr. Herriot behave when he entered in the surgery with Tricki? जब डॉ. हेरियट ट्रिकी के साथ जानवरों के चिकित्सालय पहुंचे तो उनके घरेलू कुत्तों ने कैसा व्यवहार किया?

Ans. When Dr. Herriot entered in the surgery with Tricki, the household dogs surged around him. He put down Tricki and he laid motionless. The other dogs sniffed him for a few seconds and then decided that he was an uninterested object and ignored him.

Q9. What happened on the third day with Tricki in the surgery? ट्रिकी के साथ जानवरों के अस्पताल में तीसरे दिन क्या हुआ?


How did Tricki befriend with the group of other dogs?

दूसरे कुलों के समूह के साथ टिकी की मित्रता कैसे हुई? Ans. On the third day. Tricki began to whimper when he heard the dogs in the yard. When the doctor opened the dog, he trotted out and was immediately engulfed by the greyhound and his friend. They rolled him and inspected him and moved off down the garden. Tricki also followed them with his fat and slow body. In this way, he befriended with other dogs.

Q10. What happened at the feeding time? Why did the dogs. finish their food fastly? भोजन के समय क्या होता था? कुत्ते अपना भोजन जल्दी से समाप्त करने का प्रयत्न क्यों करते थे?


Describe the feeding scene of the dogs at the surgery? जानवरों के चिकित्सालय में कुत्तों के भोजन के समय का वर्णन करो।

Ans. At the feeding time, when the food was served into the bowls, there was an usual headlong rush followed by the sounds of high speed eating. Each and every dog knew that if he fell behind the others he was liable to have some competition for the last part of his meal, so they tried to finish their food fastly.

Q11. How did Tricki spend his all day in the surgery? What did he discover there?

चिकित्सालय में ट्रिकी अपना पूरा दिन कैसे व्यतीत करता था? उसने वहाँ पर क्या खोजा था?

Ans. Tricki spent his all day running with the dogs, joining them in their friendly scrimmages. He enjoyed the fighting of dogs at mealtimes and hunting of rats in the old hen house at the night with his gang of dogs. He discovered the joys of being bowled over, tramped on and squashed every few minutes. He liked running, playing, fighting and hunting with other dogs.

Q 12. Briefly describe Herriot's days of content.

हेरियट के सन्तुष्टि के दिनों का संक्षिप्त वर्णन कीजिए। Or How did lunch become a 'ceremonial occasion' for Mr Herriot and his partners"? दोपहर का खाना हेरियट और उसके साथियों के लिए किस तरह से "उत्सव का अवसर" बन गया ?

Ans. The time of Tricki's stay at the hospital was a period of content for Herriot. He used to enjoy the treat that arrived in the name of Tricki, as he could not afford all this for himself. Herriot used to relish the fresh eggs in breakfast, wine before and during lunch and brandy in the night.

Q13. What was the effect of 'Convalescing' word on Mrs. Pumphery?

'स्वास्थ्य सुधार' शब्द का श्रीमती पम्फ्रे पर क्या प्रभाव पड़ा ?

 Ans. The word 'Convalescing' put great effects on Mrs. Pumphrey. She started to bring round fresh eggs, two dozen at a time, to build up Tricki's strength. After that she also sent bottles of wine and brandy to make Tricki strong.

14. How did Tricki behave when he saw Pumphrey in the car? जब दिल्ली ने श्रीमती पम्फ्रे को देखा तो कैसे व्यवहार किया? 

Ans. When Tricki saw his mistress, Mrs. Pumphrey, he took off from the arms of the doctor tremendously and sailed into Mrs. Pumphrey's lap. He swarmed over her, licking her face and barking to show his love to his mistress. 

Q 15. Describe the transformation of Tricki in two weeks.

दो सप्ताह में ट्रिकी के काया परिवर्तन का वर्णन करो। Ans. In two weeks Tricki had been transformed into a lithe, hard muscled animal, he was keeping up well with the pack, stretching out in great bounds, his chest almost brushing the ground.

Q 16. How did Mrs. Pumphrey show her gratitude to the doctor?

श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने डॉक्टर के प्रति अपना आभार कैसे व्यक्त किया? 

Ans. When Mrs. Pumphrey saw the transformation of Tricki just in two weeks, she became emotional. Tears shone in her eyes and her lips trembled. She cried and said that she could not thank the doctor because he had done a great job.


परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से 2 Long Answer Type Questions दिए जाएँगे, जिनमें से किसी 1 का Answer दिया जाना है। प्रश्न के लिए 4 अंक निर्धारित है।

Q1. How did Mrs. Pumphrey spoiled Tricki by pampering him too much?

श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने ट्रिकी को अपने अत्यधिक लाड़-प्यार से किस प्रकार बिगाड़ा?

Ans. Mrs Pumphrey, a rich lady over pampers her dog, Tricki. She wants Tricki to live as luxuriously as she lives. To make sure that her dog lives a lavish life, she not only makes sure that Tricki has everything but also fulfils his greed. Her love and care for Tricki makes her overfeed him. She feeds him extra food in between his main meals and does not reduce sweets like cream cakes and chocolates. In her love for Tricki, she never realised that Tricki was a greedy dog and her over-caring nature would harm him. Even though the surgeon prescribes her a diet for Tricki, she was not able to follow it. Consequently, Tricki's

condition gets worse. He becomes lazy, inactive and very fat. Tricki's excessive diet spoilt his health to such an extent that he had to be hospitalised. Mrs Pumphrey's fondness and care for Tricki leads her to provide excess of food for her dog, even in the hospital. This shows that excess of everything can be harmful.

Q2. Write down incidences from the text that support the values we can learn from Mr. James Herriot.

पाठ में से उन घटनाओं को लिखिए जो उन मूल्यों का सहयोग करती है जो हम श्रीमान जेम्स हेरियट से सीख सकते हैं। 

Ans. Dr James Herriot was a capable veterinary surgeon who treated Tricki. He was a compassionate doctor and a wise

and sympathetic human being. He showed his capabilities almost immediately when he advised Mrs. Pumphrey to put Tricki on a strict diet after understanding his symptoms. Dr Herriot was also an understanding and tactful person as he knew exactly how to free Tricki from the spoiling love of Mrs Pumphrey.

He does not operate upon the dog unnecessarily and adopted a practical approach to treat him. His method worked and soon Tricki was transformed into an energetic dog. Mr James was a caring and polite individual as he successfully tackles Mrs Pumphrey's anxiety about Tricki's recovery patiently.

Q3. Describe the lavish lifestyle that Tricki had. दिकी की भव्य जीवनशैली का वर्णन कीजिए।

Ans. Tricki was more like a pampered child of Mrs. Pumphrey. He was a small dog and his only weakness was his greed for food. He was overfed by his mistress who thought that he was malnourished and hence, gave him a very generous diet which included extra meals between meal time, cream cakes and chocolates, malt and codliver oil and horlicks at night for his good sleep. Tricki had a cupboard full of cost which also included a raincoat for monsoons. He had different bowls for different meals, cushions, toys, blankets, sheets etc. and had servants looking after him day and night. He went for little walks with his mistress and played ring-throwing with the gardener. He travelled in his mistress car and exercised very little. This luxurious and lavish lifestyle made Tricki sick and he became lazy, inactive and fat. When he received proper diet and exercise at the surgery. He was transformed into a lithe, hard muscled dog and Mrs. Pumphrey couldn't believe her eyes.


परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से True False Statements दिए जाएँगे। विद्यार्थियों को अपने उत्तर में केवल True या False लिखना होगा। प्रत्येक प्रश्न के लिए 1 अंक निर्धारित है।

Point out 'true' and 'false' statements in the following.

Q1. The doctor was shocked at Tricki's appearance. डॉ. ट्रिकी के स्वरूप को देखकर अचम्भित था।

Ans. True

Q2. Tricki did not love cream cakes and chocolates.

ट्रिकी को क्रीम केक और चॉकलेट पसन्द नहीं थी।

Ans. False, he liked cream cakes and chocolates

Q3. Tricki could tackle a meal at any hour of the day or night. ट्रिकी दिन या रात के किसी भी समय भोजन खा सकता था।

Ans. True

Q4. Tricki had a whole wardrobe of coats. ट्रिकी के पास कोट की एक पूरी अलमारी थी।

Ans. True

Q5. Mrs. Phumphery thought that Tricki would be happy in the surgery without her. श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ने सोचा कि ट्रिकी उसके बिना जानवरों के अस्पताल में प्रसन्न रहेगा।

Ans. False, she thought that he would pine and die without her.

 Q6. Mrs. Pumphrey was laughing when Mr. Herriot took the dog to the hospital. जब श्रीमान हेरियट कुत्ते को अस्पताल ले गए तो श्रीमती पम्फ्रे हंस रही थी।

 Ans. False, she was sad and crying.

Q7. Mr. Herriot's dogs ignored Tricki because he was motionless. श्रीमान हेरियट के कुत्तों ने ट्रिकी को अनदेखा कर दिया, क्योंकि वह निढाल था।

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