The Thief's Story class 10 English question answer/कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी चैप्टर द थीफ स्टोरी

The Thief's Story class 10 questions answers

The Thief's Story class 10 English question answer

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02 The Thief's Story(Ruskin Bond)

Hari Singh (The Narrator) Approaches Anil The narrator met Anil, when he was a 15 years old thief. Hari approached Anil while he was watching a wrestling match. Anil was a tall, thin, easy going and simple type of man. The narrator thought that Anil could be an easy target for him to rob.

The narrator used some flattering words to gain Anil's confidence and soon they started conversing. He led to Anil that his name was Hari Singh. The narrator changed his name every month to hide himself from police and his former employers. After this introduction, they talked about wrestlers and then Anil walked away.

Hari Follows Anil

When Anil started to walk off, Hari followed him and told him that he wanted to work for him. To this, Anil expressed his inability to pay Hari. Then Hari questioned Anil if he could feed him. Anil told Hari that he would employ him only if Hari knew how to cook. Hari lied that he knew how to cook and was employed.

Anil Brings Hari to his Room

Anil took Hari to his room which was located over Jumna sweet shop. He also told Hari that he could sleep in the balcony. Anil gave that night's food to a stray dog because the food cooked by Hari was terrible. Anil had realised that Hari didn't know how to cook. He asked Hari to leave, but Hari stayed there, with his most appealing smile. Anil patted Hari's head and told him that he would teach him how to cook.

Anil Teaches Hari to Read and Write

Apart from cooking, Anil also taught Hari to write his name and promised to teach him how to write whole sentences and to add numbers. Hari was happy and grateful for getting educated as he knew that he could do anything once he could write like an educated man. Hari enjoyed working for Anil.

He made tea in the morning and later he would go to buy day's supplies. He would also make a profit of a rupee which he

knew Anil did not mind.

Anil's Work

Anil had no regular income. He made money by contributing Articles to the magazines. Sometimes he would have enough money to celebrate and sometimes he had to borrow money.

Hari Gained Anil's Trust

One evening, Anil came back with a bundle of currency notes which he had earned by selling his book to a publisher. At night, Anil put the money under his mattress and Hari noticed it. Hari had been working for Anil for almost a month and had gained Anil's trust.

Anil had given the key of the room to Hari. For Hari, this was the opportunity to rob Anil. However, due to Anil's trust, it was a difficult task for Hari to rob Anil. But he put away these thoughts and decided to rob Anil that night.

Hari Robbed Anil

At night, Hari crawled up to the bed when Anil was asleep. He slid his hand under the mattress and drew the money out quietly. He rushed out of the room and began to run on the road. He had secured the money with the string of his pyjama.

He was running towards the railway station to catch 10.30 Express to Lucknow as he had planned. When he counted the money, he was happy to find 600 rupees.

Hari didn't Board the Train

Hari reached the station just when the train was moving out. He could have jumped to get into one of the carriages but he did not catch the train and stood alone on the platform. He did not know where to go as he had no friends except Anil.

Hari's Confused Feelings

Hari decided to leave the station and thought about how would Anil feel when he would come to know about the theft. Soon, he reached the maidan. It was November and it had started raining.

In the excitement of theft, Hari forgot that apart from giving him some money, Anil also educated him. He realised that education would have made him into a big, clever and respected man. He understood that it was easy to steal but it was difficult to be respected like Anil.

Hari's Final Decision

Finally, Hari decided to go back to Anil. He went back into the room and cautiously put back the wet currency notes under the mattress and went to sleep.

Hari woke up late in the morning. He found that Anil had already prepared tea. Anil gave a fifty rupee note to Hari which was still wet. He told Hari that he had earned some money by selling a book to a publisher and now would be able to pay him regularly.

He also told Hari that they would start writing sentences from that day. Hari felt that Anil knew about the theft but he didn't say anything to him about it.

हरि सिंह (कथावाचक) का अनिल के पास पहुँचना

कथावाचक अनिल से मिला, जब वह 15 साल का चोर था। जब वह कुश्ती का मैच देख रहा था, तब हरि अनिल के पास पहुंचा। अनिल लम्बा, पतला और साधारण व्यक्ति था। कथावाचक ने सोचा कि अनिल उसके लिए चोरी करने का सरल उद्देश्य हो सकता है।

कथाकार ने अनिल का विश्वास हासिल करने के लिए कुछ चापलूसी वाले शब्दों का उपयोग किया और जल्द ही वे बातचीत करने लगे। उसने अनिल से झूठ बोला कि उसका नाम हरि सिंह है। पुलिस और अपने पूर्व नियोक्ताओं स्वयं को छिपाने के लिए कथाकार ने हर महीने अपना नाम बदल लिया। इस परिचय के बाद उन्होंने पहलवानों के बारे में बात की और फिर अनिल चला गया।

हरि अनिल का पीछा करता है

जब अनिल ने चलना शुरू किया तो हरि ने उसका पीछा किया और उससे कहा कि वह उसके लिए काम करना चाहता है। इस पर अनिल ने हरि को भुगतान करने में असमर्थता व्यक्त की। तब हरि ने अनिल से पूछा कि क्या वह उसे खाना खिला सकता है। अनिल ने हरि से कहा कि वह उसे तभी काम पर रखेगा जब हरि खाना बनाना जानता हो। 

हरि ने झूठ बोला कि वह खाना बनाना जानता है और नौकरी करता है। अनिल हरि को अपने कमरे पर लाता है।

अनिल हरि को अपने कमरे में ले गया जो जमना मिठाई की दुकान के ऊपर स्थित था। उसने हरि से यह भी कहा कि वह बालकनी में सो सकता है। अनिल ने उस रात का खाना एक आवारा कुत्ते को दे दिया, क्योंकि हरि द्वारा बनाया गया खाना भयानक था। अनिल को अहसास हो गया था कि हरि खाना बनाना नहीं जानता। उसने हरि को जाने के लिए कहा, लेकिन हरि अपनी सबसे आकर्षक मुस्कान के साथ वही रुक गया। अनिल ने हरि के सिर को थपथपाया और उसने कहा कि वह उसे खाना बनाना सिखाएगा।

अनिल हरि को पढ़ना-लिखना सिखाता है

खाना पकाने के अतिरिक्त, अनिल ने हरि को अपना नाम लिखना भी सिखाया और उसे पूरे वाक्य लिखना और संख्याएँ जोड़ना सिखाने का वादा किया। हरि शिक्षित होने के लिए खुश और आभारी था, क्योंकि वह जानता था कि एक शिक्षित व्यक्ति की तरह लिखने के बाद वह कुछ भी कर सकता है।

हरि को अनिल के लिए काम करने में मजा आया। वह सुबह चाय बनाता और बाद में वह दिन का सामान खरीदने जाता। वह जानता था कि यदि वह एक रुपये का लाभ भी कमाएगा तो अनिल को कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ेगा।

अनिल का कार्य

अनिल की कोई नियमित आय नहीं थी। उन्होंने पत्रिकाओं में लेखों का योगदान करके पैसा कमाया। कभी-कभी उसके पास जश्न मनाने के लिए पर्याप्त पैसा होता और कभी-कभी उसे पैसे उधार लेने पड़ते।

हरि द्वारा अनिल का विश्वास प्राप्त करना

एक शाम, अनिल नोटों का एक बण्डल लेकर वापिस आया, जिसे उसने एक प्रकाशक को अपनी पुस्तक बेचकर अर्जित किया था। रात में, अनिल ने पैसे अपने गद्दे के नीचे रख दिए और हरि ने देख लिया। हरि लगभग एक महीने से अनिल के लिए काम कर रहा था और उसने अनिल का विश्वास हासिल कर लिया था।

अनिल ने कमरे की चाबी हरि को दे दी थी। हरि के लिए यही मौका था अनिल को लूटने का। हालांकि, अनिल के भरोसे के कारण, हरि के लिए अनिल को लूटना एक कठिन कार्य था। लेकिन उसने इन विचारों को दूर कर दिया और उस रात अनिल को लूटने का फैसला किया।

हरि द्वारा अनिल को लूटना

रात में जब अनिल सो रहा था तो हरि बिस्तर से उठा। उसने अपना हाथ गददे के नीचे खिसकाया और चुपचाप पैसे निकाल लिए। वह कमरे से बाहर निकला और सड़क पर दौड़ने लगा। उसने अपने पाजामे की डोरी से पैसे सुरक्षित कर लिए थे। वह लखनऊ के लिए 10.30 बजे की एक्सप्रेस पकड़ने के लिए रेलवे स्टेशन की ओर दौड़ रहा था, जैसा कि उसने योजना बनाई थी। जब उसने पैसे गिने तो 600 रुपये पाकर वह खुश हुआ।

हरि का ट्रेन में नहीं चढ़ना

जब ट्रेन निकल रही थी तभी हरि स्टेशन पर पहुँचा। वह किसी एक गाड़ी में चढ़ने के लिए कूद सकता था, लेकिन उसने ट्रेन नहीं पकड़ी और प्लेटफॉर्म पर अकेला खड़ा हो गया। उसे नहीं पता था कि कहाँ जाना क्योंकि अनिल के अतिरिक्त उसका कोई दोस्त नहीं था।

हरि की भम्रित भावना

हरि ने स्टेशन छोड़ने का फैसला किया और सोचा कि जब अनिल को चोर के बारे में पता चलेगा तो उसे कैसा लगेगा। कुछ देर में, वह मैदान में पहुँच गया। नवम्बर का महीना था और बारिश शुरू हो गई थी।

चोरी के उत्साह में हरि भूल गया कि उसे कुछ पैसे देने के अतिरिक्त अनिल ने उसे शिक्षित भी किया था। उसने महसूस किया कि शिक्षा उसे एक बड़ा, चतुर और सम्मानित व्यक्ति बना देंगी। वह समझ गया कि चोरी करना आसान है लेकिन अनिल की तरह सम्मान पाना मुश्किल है।

हरि का अन्तिम निर्णय

अन्त में, हरि ने अनिल के पास वापिस जाने का फैसला किया। वह वापिस कमरे में गया और सावधानी से गीले नोटों को गद्दे के नीचे रख दिया और सो गया।

हरि सुबह देर से उठा। उसने पाया कि अनिल ने पहले ही चाय बना ली थी। अनिल ने हरि को पचास रुपये का नोट दिया जो अभी भी गीला था। उसने हरि से कहा कि उसने एक प्रकाशक को एक किताब बेचकर कुछ पैसे कमाए हैं और वह उसे नियमित रूप से भुगतान कर पाएगा।

उन्होंने हरि से यह भी कहा कि वे उस दिन से वाक्य लिखना शुरू कर देंगे। हरि को लगा कि अनिल को चोरी के बारे में पता था लेकिन उसने इस बारे में उससे कुछ नहीं कहा।

Q1. Who does 'T' refer to in this story? इस कहानी में 'ceQ' कौन है?

Ans. 'I' refers to Hari Singh, the narrator of the story who is a 15 year old experienced thief.

Q2. What is he "a fairly successful hand” at? वह किस कार्य में “बहुत सफल" है?

Ans. He is 'a fairly successful hand' at stealing. He is an experienced thief. He is so clean and cautious in his work that he robs people without being caught.

Q3. What does he get from Anil in return for his work ? अपने कार्य के बदले उसे अनिल से क्या प्राप्त होता था?

Ans. In return of Hari Singh's work, Anil gives him food and a place to live. हरी सिंह के कार्य के बदले, अनिल ने उसे भोजन और रहने के लिए जगह दी थी।

Q4. How does the thief think Anil will react to the theft ? चोर कैसे सोचता है कि चोरी के बारे में जानकर अनिल क्या व्यवहार करेगा?

Ans. According to Hari, Anil would be sad not because of the loss of money but because of the loss of trust he had in Hari.

Q5. What does he say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed? जब लोग लुट जाते हैं तो उनकी विभिन्न प्रतिक्रियाओं के बारे में वह क्या बताता है?

Ans. Hari's experience at theft had made him aware of the differences in reactions of people when they're robbed. According to him, a greedy man shows fear, a rich man shows anger and a poor man shows acceptance.

Q 6. Does Anil realise that he has been robbed? क्या अनिल को पता है कि वह लूटा गया है?

Ans. Yes, Anil realised that he had been robbed. He would have noticed it because all the notes that he kept were wet the next morning. He also knew that it had rained the previous night so it was likely that somebody had taken the notes out. But he also realised that the theft changed his mind and kept back his money. So he pardoned the thief.

Q7. What are Hari Singh's reactions at the prospect of receiving an education? Do they change overtime? (Hint: Compare, for example, the thought: "I knew that

Ans. In this fast, selfish and materialistic world, people like Anil and Hari Singh are found only in fiction and not in real life. Unlike Anil, most people would have either beaten up the thief or would had handed him to the police. Nobody would bother to change a thief into an educated, respected and successful person. These people are rarely found in today's world. Anil was a kind and considerate person who was concerned about Hari's education and future while Hari wan a thief whose heart changes after realising the importance of education for his future. In the present world, such people are only found in imaginary stories or novels. 

Q8. Do you think it is a significant detail in the story that Anil is a struggling writer? Does this explain his behaviour in any way? क्या आपको लगता है कि कहानी में यह एक महत्त्वपूर्ण विवरण है कि अनिल एक संघर्षशील लेखक है? क्या यह किसी भी तरह से उसका व्यवहार भी स्पष्ट करता है?

Ans. Yes, it is a significant detail that Anil is a struggling writer. He had no regular source of income. Consequently, he used to spend according to his pocket, when he had money he would celebrate and when he didn't have money, he borrowed it. This fact explains the kindness and sympathy with which he treats Hari. His condition was some extent similar to Hari. Just like Hari, he also struggled to get proper meals. He understood Hari's condition and thus helps Hari.

Q9. Have you met anyone like Hari Singh? Can you think and imagine the circumstances that can turn a fifteen-year-old boy into a thief? क्या आप हरी सिंह जैसे किसी अन्य व्यक्ति से मिले हैं? क्या आप उन परिस्थितियों के बारे में सोच सकते हैं और कल्पना कर सकते हैं जो एक पन्द्रह वर्ष के लड़के को चोर बना देती है?

 Ans. No, I haven't met anyone like Hari Singh. But I am sure about the existence of such people who win someone's confidence and then cheat that person. This world is full of these type of people. Hari Singh is a 15 year old boy who has been a thief since long. There can be many reasons for him entering such a profession. It can be due to poverty or illiteracy. He may be an orphan who had never been to school and thus, have become a thief.

Q10. Where is the story set? (You can get clues from the names of the persons and places mentioned in it). Which language or languages are spoken in these places? Do you think the characters in the story spoke to each other in English?

कहानी की पृष्ठभूमि कहाँ की है? (आप इसमें आए व्यक्तियों और स्थानों के नाम से संकेत ले सकते हैं) इन स्थानों पर कौन-सी भाषा या भाषाएँ बोली जाती हैं? क्या आपको लगता है कि कहानी के पात्र आपस में अंग्रेजी में बात करते हैं?

Ans. The story is set somewhere in Uttar Pradesh near Lucknow. We can say so because the story mentions that there is a railway station for Express train to Lucknow. The presence of sweet shops and bazaars also indicate it to be a decent-sized town. Hindi is mostly spoken in these places. No, the characters in the story do not speak to each other in English but probably in Hindi.

 { SHORT Type Questions Answers } 

परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से 3 Short Answer Type Questions दिए जाएँगे, जिनमें से किन्ही 2 के Answer दिए जाने हैं। प्रत्येक प्रश्न के लिए 2 अंक निर्धारित हैं।

Q1. Where did Hari Singh meet Anil? How did Hari Singh choose him for his purpose? हरी सिंह अनिल से कहाँ मिला? हरी सिंह ने उसे अपने उद्देश्य के लिए कैसे चुना?

 Ans. Hari Singh met Anil when he was watching a wrestling match. Anil was looking easy-going, kind and simple man, that's why Hari chose him for his purpose. He thought that he might be able to get into Anil's confidence.

Q2. Was Hari Singh his real name? Why didn't he tell his real name? क्या हरी सिंह उसका वास्तविक नाम था? उसने अपना वास्तविक नाम क्यों नहीं बताया?

Ans. Hari Singh wasn't his real name. He lied to Anil because he took a new name every month.

That kept him ahead of the police and his former employers. 

Q3. What did Anil and Hari agree upon to be the mode of payment?

अनिल और हरी वेतन के किस प्रकार के लिए सहमत हो गए थे? 

Ans. When Anil expressed his inability to pay Hari, he questioned Anil if he could feed him. Anil told Hari that he could feed him only if he knew how to cook. Therefore, food and a place to live were agreed upon as the mode of payment to Hari to work for Anil.

Q4. Did Hari know to cook food? How did Anil react on his lie?

क्या हरी खाना पकाना जानता था? अनिल ने उसके झूठ पर कैसे व्यवहार किया? 

Ans. Hari did not know to cook food, he lied to Anil. When he cooked terrible food in the night, Anil gave it to a stray dog and told him to be off. But after some time he forgot his anger and told Hari that he would teach him to cook.

Q5. What else did Anil teach Hari? Did he like it?

अनिल ने हरी को और क्या सिखाया? क्या उसे वह पसन्द था?

Ans. Anil taught Hari to write his name and promised to teach him to write whole sentences and to add numbers. Hari liked it and was grateful. He knew that once he could write like an educated man, there would be no limits what he could achieve.

Q6. What work did Hari do for Anil? How did he earn money?

अनिल के लिए हरी क्या कार्य करता था? वह धन कैसे कमाता था? 

Ans. Hari was happy to work for Anil. He made the tea in the morning and go to buy day's supplies. He usually made a profit of a rupee by his purchasing of day's supplies. He made a little money this way.

Q7. How did Anil earn money for his living? How did he use his money? अनिल अपनी जीविका का निर्वाह करने के लिए धन कैसे कमाता था? वह अपने धन का प्रयोग कैसे करता था?

Or In which queer way did Anil make a living?

किस विचित्र तरीके से अनिल अपनी आजीविका कमाता था?

 Ans. Anil made a living by writing articles for magazines, which seemed queer to Hari. Anil did not earn money on a regular basis. Sometimes, he borrowed and sometimes he lended money. He kept worrying about his next cheque, but as soon as it arrived he celebrated and spend all the money on his friends.

 Q8. According to Hari, why is it easy to rob a greedy man than a careless man? हरी के अनुसार, एक लालची आदमी को लूटना, एक लापरवाह व्यक्ति को लूटने से ज्यादा आसान क्यों है?

Ans. According to Hari, it is easy to rob a greedy man, because he can afford to be robbed; but it's difficult to rob a careless man because sometimes he doesn't notice that he has been robbed and that takes the pleasure of the theft.

Q9. Why was it difficult for Hari to rob Anil? हरी के लिए अनिल को लूटना मुश्किल क्यों था?

Ans. It was difficult for Hari to rob Anil because Anil was the most trusting person Hari had ever met. He was simple and kind. Even he had given key of the door to Hari. Hari did not want to break Anil's trust.

Q 10. What made Hari think that he could live like an oil-rich Arab for some time?

किसके कारण हरी ने सोचा कि वह अरब के तेल व्यापारी की तरह कुछ समय तक रह सकता था? 

Ans. Hari Singh stole Anil's bundle of notes. When he counted them he found a sum of 600 rupees. So, he thought that he could live in luxury like an oil-rich Arab for some time on his stolen money.

Q11. Did he reach at the station at right time? Did he catch the train? Why did he not catch it? क्या वह समय पर स्टेशन पहुँच गया था? क्या उसने ट्रेन पकड़ी? उसने ट्रेन क्यों नहीं पकड़ी?

Ans.Yes, Hari Singh reached at the station at the right time. The Lucknow Express was just moving out. Hari could jump into one of the carriages because the train was not in speed. But he hesitated and left the train because he did not want to break trust of Anil. He wanted to get education.

Q 12. What did Hari think about keeping friends? हरी मित्र रखने के बारे में क्या सोचता था? Ans. Hari believed that friends were more trouble than help. Thus, he did not have any friend.

Q13. What did Hari Singh think when he was standing alone on the deserted platform? जब हरी सिंह वीरान प्लेटफॉर्म पर अकेला खड़ा था तो उसने क्या सोचा?

Ans. When Hari Singh was standing alone on the deserted platform, he thought about the place where he could spend his night. He did not had any friends nor he wanted to go to a hotel. He had no idea where to go. He knew only Anil whom he had robbed.

14. What did Hari Singh do in the 'maidan' and how did the notes become damp? हरी सिंह ने 'मैदान' में क्या किया और नोट कैसे भीग गए?.

 Ans. From the station, Hari Singh found himself in the 'maidan'.He sat down on a bench. The November night was chilly.

The heavy rain started and his shirt and pyjamas stuck to his skin. When he checked the notes, they were damp from the rain.

Q15. Why did Hari feel nervous? हरी को बेचैनी क्यों अनुभव हुई?

Ans. Hari Singh was nervous because it is much easier to steal something than to return it undetected. Hari Singh did not want to be catch and lose Anil's trust.

Q 16. What did he forget in the excitement of theft?

चोरी के उत्साह में वह क्या भूल गया था? 

Ans. He had forgotton about the promise of Anil that he would teach him to write whole sentences. He knew that one day that education could bring him more than a few hundred rupees. He wanted to become a big, clever and respected man which he could become only through the education. He lost the opportunity to be educated.

Q17. What did Anil give Hari in the morning? How did Hari realise that Anil knew about the theft?

सुबह अनिल ने हरी को क्या दिया? हरी को कैसे पता चला कि अनिल चोरी के बारे में जानता था?

 Ans. In the morning Anil gave a fifty-rupee note to Hari and promised to paid him regularly. When Hari took the note,he saw that it was still wet. So, he realised that Anil knew about the theft.


परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से 2 Long Answer Type Questions दिए जाएंगे, जिनमें से किसी 1 का Answer दिया जाना है। प्रश्न के लिए 4 अंक निर्धारित है।

Q1. Hari Singh didn't board the Express and returned to Anil. It shows that everyone was some conscience that they do not put in practice. Elaborate with reference to 'The Thief's story'.

हरी सिंह एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन पर नहीं चढ़ा और अनिल के पास लौट गया। यह दर्शाता है कि प्रत्येक व्यक्ति की अन्तरात्मा की कुछ आवाज में कुछ होती है जिसका प्रत्येक व्यक्ति पालन नहीं करता। 'चोर की कहानी' के सन्दर्भ में व्याख्या कीजिए।

Ans. Everyone has an inner conscience that tells them what is right or wrong. In the story "The Thiefs Story', the narrator's/Hari's conscience is pricked as he robs a honest and kind man.

He works for Anil with a purpose of looking for an opportunity to rob him, but during his stay with his master he not only learns about love, sympathy and trust but also understands the importance of education Even though Anil knows that Hari keeps one rupee as profit from his daily routines, he never asks Hari for it and teaches

him to write. When Hari robs Anil, he states that it is difficult for him to rob Anil but it is much difficult for him to run away after robbing Anil. He does not want to hurt Anil and wants to change himself.

This does not only force him to return the money but also makes him to get educated.

The inner conscience which came forward in Hari had been dormant (hidden) before he had stolen Anil's money. Just like Hari did not put it into practice, many people ignore it. It is the circumstances that awaken the inner conscience and put it into practice.

Q2. Education, love and sympathy can transform even a thief. How is it true in the case of Hari Singh? शिक्षा, प्रेम और सहानुभूति एक चोर को भी परिवर्तित कर सकती है। हरी सिंह के मामले में यह कितना सत्य है?

Ans. A man is essentially a product of the circumstances and the environment that he lives in. Hari Singh was a boy of just fifteen but was an experience thief who had a fairly successful hand in his profession. It was his circumstances that led him into such a profession which he retained even while he lived with Anil. He went to live with Anil with a purpose of robbing him and was even successful in doing so. However, Anil was not a fool. He knew about Hari's act of theft but did not hand over Hari to the police. It was his care, love and sympathy that affected Hari so much so that he could not run away after robbing Anil. Anil's compassion and kind-heartedness brought about a change in Hari. Further, Anil taught Hari how to read and write. The prospect of education created a deep impression on Hari's mind. He realised that with education he would not only be able to earn money but will also become a respected man. Hence, it is true that education, love and sympathy can transform even a thief like Hari Singh.

Q3. Who was Anil? How did he treat Hari Singh and how did it influence Hari's life? अनिल कौन था? उसने हरी सिंह के साथ कैसा व्यवहार किया और उसका हरी के जीवन पर क्या प्रभाव पड़ा?

 Ans. Anil was a young man of 25 years. He was a tall and lean fellow. He looked easygoing, kind and simple man. Hari Singh, a fifteen year thief, met him. He wanted to rob Anil. Anil gave him a job and shelter in his room.

Anil taught him to write his name and promised him to teach whole sentences and add numbers. Hari was happy to work for Anil. He did not cheat him except some small profits which he gained from buying things of daily requirements. Anil knew it but he never said anything.

Anil earned money by fits and starts. He wrote articles for magazines. One day he earned 600 rupees. Hari stole that money and ran away but his conscience stopped him. Anil I was kind and helpful towards him. He also knew that he could become respectful and clever man by education. He did not want to break Anil's faith. He realised the importance of education and returned back to Anil's house. It was Anil's goodness and kindness that clanged a thief. Hari understood the value of faith, honesty, kindness and education by the influence of Anil and changed his way of life.


परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से True False Statements दिए जाएँगे। विद्यार्थियों को अपने उत्तर में केवल True या False लिखना होगा। प्रत्येक प्रश्न के लिए 1 अंक निर्धारित है।

Point out 'true' and false' statements in the following.

Q1. Anil was watching a wrestling match when Hari met him. जब हरी अनिल से मिला तब वह कुश्ती का मैच देख रहा था।

Ans. True

Q2. Hari Singh was his real name. हरी सिंह उसका वास्तविक नाम था।

Ans. False, he took new name every month.

Q3. Anil's room was over the Jumna sweet shop. अनिल का कमरा जुमना मिठाई भण्डार के ऊपर था।

Ans. True

Q4. Anil knew that Hari made a little money in shopping. अनिल जानता था कि हरी खरीददारी में थोड़ा-सा धन बचा लेता था।

Ans. True

Q5. Anil gave the food cooked by Hari to a stray dog.

अनिल ने हरी के द्वारा पकाया हुआ भोजन आवारा कुत्ते को दे दिया।

Ans. True

Q6. Anil tuck the bundle of notes under the mattress. अनिल ने नोटों का बण्डल गद्दे के नीचे रख दिया।

Ans. True

Q7. Hari wanted to catch the Delhi Express. हरी दिल्ली एक्सप्रेस पकड़ना चाहता था।

Ans. False, he wanted to catch Lucknow Express.

Q8. Poor man's face shows anger when he lost his goods. गरीब व्यक्ति का चेहरा क्रोध दर्शाता है जब उसका सामान खो जाता है।

Ans. False, his face shows acceptance when he lost his goods.

Q9. It was the month of June. यह जून का महीना था।

Ans. False, It was the month of November.

Q 10. All the notes became dry in the morning. सारे नोट सुबह तक सूख चुके थे

 Ans. False, they were still damp.

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