Bholi class 10th english question answer/कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी भोली चैप्टर के प्रश्न उत्तर

Bholi class 10th english question answer

Bholi class 10 questions answers

कक्षा 10वी अंग्रेजी भोली चैप्टर के प्रश्न उत्तर

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06) Bholi(K.A. Abbas)

Lesson Summary 

Bholi as a Child

Bholi's real name was Sulekha but from her childhood everyone called her Bholi. She was the fourth daughter out of the seven children of Ramlal, Numberdar of the village. When Bholi was 10 months old she had fallen off the cot which had damaged some part of her brain. Since then she remained a backward child.

Further, when she was two years old, she suffered from an attack of small pox and her entire body was disfigured by deep black pock-marks. She learned to speak at the age of five and stammered while speaking. So, everyone made fun of her.

Bholi's Family Bholi's father was a rich farmer who sent his sons to the city for studies. The eldest daughter, Radha was already married whereas Mangla and Champa were good looking and healthy girls. Ramlal was only worried about Bholi as she was neither beautiful nor intelligent

Bholi Goes to School

Bholi was seven years old when a primary school opened in their village. The Tehsildar who had come to inaugurate the school advised Ramlal to send his daughter to school to set an example for others. Ramlal could not say no to him. His wife objected that no one would marry the girls if they went to school. But then she felt that Bholi was ugly and it would be difficult to get her married. So, they decided to sent only Bholi to school.

Bholi Prepares for School Next day, Bholi was dressed to go to school. Bholi was given new clothes for the school. Earlier she used to wear old clothes of her sisters. She was given a bath and oil was rubbed into her dry hair. Bholi was filled with fear when her father went back to village after handling Bholi to the headmistress. Her headmistress asked her to sit in a corner in one of the classrooms. She was glad to see girls of her own age at school. 

Bholi's First Day at School 

The lady teacher in the class said something to other girls but Bholi could not understand anything. She was attracted to the colourful pictures on the wall. She was much impressed by the realistic pictures of birds and animals. The teacher asked her name. Bholi stammered and then started crying. After the other children left, the teacher came back to her. She O called her lovingly and encouraged her to tell her name. This time Bholi tried to speak her name and was successful. The teacher told Bholi to come to school everyday. Bholi felt as if a new life was beginning for her.

The Teacher Gives her a Book

The teacher gave a book to Bholi which had pictures of dog. cat, goat, etc. The teacher told her that she would be able to read like everyone else in a month and then no one would laugh at her. Bholi way happy as the teacher encouraged Bholi and gave her a hope of a new life. 

Progress of Village

Many years passed, the village progressed and converted into a small town. The primary school became a high school. There were now a cinema under a tin shed and a cotton ginning mill. The mail train began to stop at their railway station.

Bholi's Marriage Proposal

One night after dinner Ramlal and his wife were talking about a marriage proposal for Bholi. Bishamber was forty five or fifty years old widower. He had grown up children from his first wife. Bishamber was rich and had not demanded any dowry. Ramlal was not very happy from this proposal but his wife believed that it was the best marriage proposal for Bholi.

She told Ramlal that since Bishamber was from another village, he didn't know about Bholi's pockmarks and lack of sense. So, Bholi's marriage was fixed.

Arrival of Bridegroom On the wedding day, Bishamber came as a bridegroom with

his friends and relatives. Bholi came out in red silken bridal dress.

A woman slipped Bholi's veil. Bishamber had a look at her face. He confirmed with his friend if Bholi had pockmarks on her face. Bishamber's friend replied that it did not matter since Bishamber was not very young.

A Hurdle in the Wedding

When the wedding was about to take place, Bishamber Nath asked for five thousand rupees to marry Bholi as she had pock-marks on her face. He also threatened to walk away from the ceremony. Ramlal was afraid of the humiliation and so, with tears in his eyes, he handed the dowry money to Bishamber.

Bholi Refuses to Marry

Bishamber proceeded towards Bholi with a garland but Bholi threw the garland away. She asked her father to take back the money and refused to marry Bishamber.

The people around started talking and Ramlal asked Bholi to take care of his respect. Bholi, however refused to marry such a greedy man. An old woman now called her shameless which angered Bholi. The angry Bholi replied that now she is not a dumb or a stammering fool.

The Courageous Bholi

When Bisamber and everyone went away, Ramlal asked Bholi what she would do with her future. Bholi told him that she would not marry and take care of her parents in their old age. She also told them that she would teach at the school just like her teacher.

Sulekha's teacher who was watching all this drama approved Bholi's decision. She smiled at her with satisfaction just like an artist who is satisfied after completing her masterpiece.

एक बच्चे के रूप में भोली

भोली का असली नाम सुलेखा था लेकिन बचपन से ही सभी उसे भोली कहकर बुलाते थे। वह गाँव के नम्बरदार रामलाल की सात सन्तानों में से चौथी बेटी थी। जब भोली 10 महीने की थी तब वह चारपाई से गिर गई थी जिससे उसके दिमाग का कुछ हिस्सा क्षतिग्रस्त हो गया था। तब से वह पिछड़ी हुई बच्ची बनी रही। इसके अतिरिक्त, जब वह दो साल की थी, तो उसे चेचक हो गई और उसका शरीर गहरे काले चेचक के निशान से कुरूप हो गया था। उसने पाँच साल की पूरा उम्र में बोलना सीखा और बोलते समय हकलाती थी, तो सबने मजाक उड़ाया।

भोली का परिवार

भोली के पिता एक अमीर किसान थे जिन्होंने अपने बेटों को पढ़ाई के लिए शहर भेजा था। सबसे बड़ी बेटी, राधा पहले से ही शादीशुदा थी जबकि मँगला और चम्पा अच्छी दिखने वाली और स्वस्थ लड़कियाँ थी। रामलाल को केवल भोली की चिन्ता थी, क्योंकि वह न तो सुन्दर थी और न ही बुद्धिमान।

भोली स्कूल जाती है

भोली सात साल की थी जब उनके गाँव में एक प्राथमिक विद्यालय खुला। स्कूल का उद्घाटन करने आए तहसीलदार ने रामलाल को सलाह दी वह अपनी बेटी को स्कूल भेजकर दूसरों के लिए मिसाल कायम करें। रामलाल उसे ना नहीं कह सका। उसकी पत्नी ने विरोध किया कि यदि वह स्कूल जाती है तो कोई भी लड़कियों से शादी नहीं करेगा। लेकिन फिर उसे लगा कि भोली बदसूरत है और उसकी शादी करना मुश्किल होगा। इसलिए, उन्होंने केवल भोली को स्कूल भेजने का फैसला किया।

भोली स्कूल के लिए तैयार होती है।

अगले दिन, भोली को स्कूल जाने के लिए तैयार किया गया था। पहले वह अपनी बहनों के पुराने कपड़े पहनती थी। उसे नहलाया गया और उसके सूखे बालों में तेल लगाया गया। जब उसके पिता उसे स्कूल छोड़ कर वापस चले गये तो भोली डर सी गई। प्रधानाध्यापिका ने उसे एक कक्षा में एक कोने में बैठने को कहा। स्कूल में अपनी ही उम्र की लड़कियों को देखकर वह बहुत खुश हुई।

स्कूल में भोली का पहला दिन

कक्षा में महिला शिक्षिका ने दूसरी लड़कियों से कुछ कहा लेकिन भोली को कुछ समझ नहीं आया। वह दीवार पर लगे रंगीन चित्रों से आकर्षित थी। वह पक्षियों और जानवरों के यथार्थवादी चित्रों से बहुत प्रभावित थी। शिक्षिका ने उसका नाम पूछा। भोली हकलाकर रोने लगी।

अन्य बच्चों के जाने के बाद, शिक्षिका उसके पास वापिस आ गई। उसने उसे प्यार से बुलाया और उसे अपना नाम बताने के लिए प्रोत्साहित किया। इस बार भोली ने अपना नाम बोलने की कोशिश की और सफल रही। शिक्षिका ने भोली को रोज स्कूल आने को कहा। भोली को लगा जैसे उसके लिए एक नया जीवन शुरू हो रहा है।

शिक्षिका उसे एक किताब देती

शिक्षिका ने भोली को एक किताब दी जिसमें कुत्ते, बिल्ली, बकरी आदि के चित्र थे। शिक्षिका ने उससे कहा कि वह एक महीने में सभी की तरह पढ़ सकेगी और फिर कोई उस पर हंसेगा नहीं। भोली की तरह खुश शिक्षिका ने भोली को प्रोत्साहित किया और उसे एक नए जीवन की आशा दी।

गाँव की प्रगति

कई साल बीत गए, गाँव आगे बढ़ा और एक छोटे से शहर में बदल गया। प्राथमिक विद्यालय उच्चतम विद्यालय बन गया। जब एक टिन शेड के नीचे एक सिनेमाघर और सूती जिनिंग मिल थी। मुख्य ट्रेन उनके रेलवे स्टेशन पर रुकने लगी।

भोली की शादी का प्रस्ताव

एक रात खाना खाने के बाद रामलाल और उसकी पत्नी भोली के लिए शादी के प्रस्ताव के बारे में बात कर रहे थे। बिशम्बर पैंतालीस या पचास वर्ष का विधुर था। उसकी पहली पत्नी के बच्चे बड़े हो चुके थे। विशम्बर अमीर था और उसने कोई दहेज नहीं माँगा था। रामलाल इस प्रस्ताव से बहुत खुश नहीं थे लेकिन उनकी पत्नी का मानना था कि यह भोली के लिए सबसे अच्छा शादी का प्रस्ताव था।

उसने रामलाल को बताया कि विशम्बर दूसरे गांव का रहने वाला था, इसलिए उसे भोली के निशान और समझ की कमी के बारे में पता नहीं था। इसलिए भोली की शादी तय हो गई।

दुल्हे का आगमन

शादी के दिन बिशम्बर अपने दोस्तों और रिश्तेदारों के साथ दुल्हे के रूप में आया था। भोली लाल रेशमी दुल्हन की पोशाक में निकली। एक महिला ने भोली का घूंघट गिरा दिया।

बिशम्बर ने उसके चेहरे पर एक नजर डाली। उसने अपने दोस्त से पुष्टि की कि क्या भोली के चेहरे पर चेचक के निशान है। विशम्बर के मित्र ने उत्तर दिया कि इससे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता, क्योंकि बिशम्बर भी बहुत जवान नहीं था।

शादी में बाधा

जब शादी होने वाली थी, तो बिशम्बर नाथ ने भोली से शादी करने के लिए पाँच हजार रुपये माँगे, क्योंकि उसके चेहरे पर चेचक के निशान थे। उन्होंने समारोह से चले जाने की धमकी भी दी। रामलाल अपमान से डर गया था और इसलिए उसकी आँखों में आँसू के साथ, उसने दहेज के पैसे बिशम्बर को सौंप दिए।

भोली का शादी से इन्कार करना

बिशम्बर एक माला लेकर भोली की ओर बढ़ा, लेकिन भोली ने माला फेंक दी। उसने अपने पिता से पैसे वापिस लेने के लिए कहा और बिशम्बर से शादी करने से इन्कार कर दिया।

आस-पास के लोग बात करने लगे और रामलाल ने भोली से अपने सम्मान का ख्याल रखने को कहा। लेकिन भोली ने ऐसे लालची आदमी से शादी करने से इन्कार कर दिया। एक बूढ़ी औरत ने अब उसे बेशर्म कहा जिससे भोली नाराज हो गई। कोध्रित भोली ने उत्तर दिया कि अब वह गूँगी या हकलाने वाली मूर्ख नहीं है।

साहसी भोली

जब बिशम्बर और सभी चले गए, तो रामलाल ने भोली से भविष्य के साथ क्या करेगी। भोली ने उससे कहा कि वह शादी नहीं करेगी और पूछा कि वह अपने बुढ़ापे में अपने माता-पिता की देखभाल करेंगी। उसने उनसे यह भी कहा कि वह अपनी शिक्षिका की तरह ही स्कूल में पढ़ाएगी।

यह सब नाटक देख रही सुलेखा की शिक्षिका ने भोली के निर्णय को स्वीकार कर लिया। वह एक कलाकार की तरह सन्तुष्टि के साथ मुस्कुराई जो अपनी उत्कृष्ट कृति को पूरा करने के बाद सन्तुष्ट हैं।

Q1. Why is Bholi's father worried about her? भोली के पिता उसके विषय में चिन्तित क्यों हैं?

Ans. Bholi's father, Ramlal was worried for Bholi because she was an ugly and dumb girl. She had pockmarks on her face and stammered while speaking which might become a hurdle in her marriage.

Q 2. For what unusual reason is Bholi sent to school? भोली को किस असामान्य कारण से स्कूल भेजा गया?

Ans. Bholi was sent to school because when the primary school opened in their village the Tehsildar advised her father to send his daughter to the school as an example for the villagers. After talking with his wife, it was decided that if the ugly Bholi went to school, it would not harm their other daughter's marriage prospects.

Q 3. Does Bholi enjoy her first day at school? क्या भोली ने स्कूल में अपने पहले दिन का आनन्द लिया?

Ans. Initially, Bholi was scared to go to school. She cried and sat in the corner of her classroom. However, she was fascinated by the colourful pictures on the walls which were very realistic.

Therefore, Bholi was not completely afraid in the school but did enjoy some part of it because of the kind teacher and the new life that it would bring.

Q 4. Does she find her teacher to be different from the people at home?

क्या उसे अपनी शिक्षिका उसके घर के लोगों से भिन्न प्रतीत हुई?

Ans. Yes, Bholi found her teacher to be different from the people at home. At home, she was neglected and no one paid attention to her.

She never bathed nor were her clothes washed. She was criticised and everyone made fun of her. Her teacher was entirely different. She was kind, soft and affectionate. She encouraged her and filled her with a hope of new life.

Q 5. Why do Bholi's parents accept Bishamber's marriage proposal? भोली के माता-पिता ने बिशम्बर का विवाह प्रस्ताव क्यों स्वीकार किया?

Ans. Bholi's parents accepted Bishamber's marriage proposal as he was a prosperous grocer and had not asked for any dowry.

He had a big shop, his own house and thousands of rupees in the bank. Hence, he seemed an appropriate groom to Bholi's parents.

Q 6. Why does the marriage not take place? भोली का विवाह सम्पन्न क्यों नहीं हुआ?


Why did Bholi not marry Bishamber? भोली ने विशम्बर से विवाह क्यों नहीं किया?

Ans. At the time of the marriage, Bishamber asked for a dowry of five thousand rupees because he saw Bholi's pock-marked face. Ramlal had no choice but to pay. However, Bholi refused to marry the greedy man. Thus, the marriage could not take place.

Q 7. Bholi had many apprehensions about going to school. What made her feel that she was going to a better place than her home? भोली के मन में स्कूल जाने के विषय में बहुत से डर थे। किस बात ने उसे यह अनुभव कराया कि वह घर से बेहतर स्थान पर जा रही है? Ans. Bholi had many apprehensions about going to school because the day she was going to school she was forced by her parents to dress nicely. She was bathed and her hair were oiled. She was even given a clean dress to wear. The special way in which everyone treated has made her feel that she was going to a better place.

Q 8. How did Bholi's teacher play an important role in changing the course of her life? भोली की शिक्षिका ने किस प्रकार उसके जीवन का ढंग बदलने में महत्त्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई?

Ans. Bholi used to stammer and was afraid to speak when she attended school in the beginning. Her teacher treated her

kindly and encouraged her to have confidence. She taught Bholi to read and write and made her an independent girl

who was aware of her rights. It was because of her teacher's guidance that Bholi developed her personality. Thus, with

her kindness, love and affection she changed Bholi's life. 

Q 9. Why did Bholi at first agree to an unequal match? Why did she later reject the marriage? What does this tell about her?

भोली पहली बार में बेमेल सम्बन्ध हेतु क्यों सहमत होती है? बाद में वह विवाह क्यों अस्वीकार कर देती है? यह उसके विषय में क्या बताता है?

Ans. Bholi agreed to the unequal match at first to fulfil her parents' wishes. Later on, she rejected the marriage when the bridegroom asked for dowry. This tells us that Bholi was not a timid and dumb girl. She was aware of her rights. She also knew how to fight for her own dignity and feared no one.

Q 10. Bholi's real name is Sulekha. We are told this right at the beginning. But only in the last but one paragraph of the story is Bholi called Sulekha again. Why do you think she is called Sulekha at that point in the story?

Ans. The word 'Bholi' means a simpleton. Throughout the story she had been a simpleton who hardly expressed her opinion on any matter. The word Sulekha means 'a person with a beautiful sense of letters'. In this story, this word has a larger meaning of being a literate, intelligent and mature individual. After her education, Bholi has really changed to Sulekha and her assertion at the time of her marriage is her announcement to the world that she is no more a Bholi, but is a Sulekha..

Q11. Bholi's teacher helped her overcome social barriers by encouraging and motivating her. How do you think you can contribute towards changing the social attitudes illustrated in this story? भोली की शिक्षिका ने उसकी सामाजिक अवरोधों को पार करने में उसे प्रोत्साहित एवं प्रेरित करती है। आपके विचार में आप किस प्रकार कहानी में चित्रित सामाजिक प्रवृत्तियों को बदलने में अपना योगदान दे सकते हैं?

 Ans. We can contribute by saying no to taking or giving dowry. We must not discriminate between a boy and a girl. Both should be given equal rights and opportunities to grow. We must also learn to respect those who are differently abled and treat them equally.

Q 12. Should girls be aware of their rights and assert them ? Should girls and boys have the same rights, duties and privileges? What are some of the ways in which society treats them differently? When we speak of 'Human rights', do we differentiate between girl's rights and boy's rights?

क्या लड़कियों को अपने अधिकारों के प्रति सजग होना चाहिए एवं उनका दृढ़तापूर्वक दावा करना चाहिए? क्या लड़कियों एवं लड़कों के पास समान अधिकार, कर्तव्य एवं विशेषाधिकार होने चाहिए? ऐसे कौन-से कुछ तरीके हैं जिनसे समाज उनके साथ भिन्न रूप से व्यवहार करता है? जब हम'मानवीय अधिकारों के विषय में बात करते हैं तब क्या हम लड़के एवं लड़की के अधिकारों में भेदभाव करते हैं? 

Ans. Yes, girls should be aware of their rights and duties and both the girls and boys should have the same rights, duties

and privileges. But there is a differentiation between girl's and boy's rights.

Although equal in the eyes of law, society treats them differently. Parents spend more on a boy's education than that of a girl. A girl is just trained to be a wife and mother. Boys have special privileges in matters of food, career or freedom. Girls must be aware of their rights to exercise them. They must utilise their education to preserve their self-reliance and dignity. They must be ready to demand their due and even fight for it.

Q 13. Do you think the characters in the story were speaking to each other in English? If not, in which language were they speaking? (You can get clues from the names of the persons and the non-English words used in the story.)

क्या आपके विचार में कहानी के पात्र एक-दूसरे से अंग्रेजी में वार्तालाप कर रहे थे? अगर नहीं, तो वह किस भाषा में बात कर रहे थे? (आप व्यक्तियों के नामों एवं कहानी में प्रयुक्त अंग्रेजी के अतिरिक्त शब्दों के सूत्र पा सकते हैं।)

Ans. No, we do not think so that the characters in the story were speaking to each other in English. They spoke in Hindi. Several words like 'numberdar, 'tehsildar sahib', 'izzat' and 'pitaji' are words of Hindi. Even the names of characters like 'Ramlal' and 'Bholi' are in Hindi.

 {Short Type Questions Answers}

परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से 3 Short Answer Type Questions दिए जाएंगे, जिनमें से किन्हीं 2 के Answer दिए जाने हैं। प्रत्येक प्रश्न के लिए 2 अंक निर्धारित है।

Q1. Why is Sulekha called 'Bholi"? सुलेखा को भोली क्यों कहा जाता था?

Ans. Sulekha is called 'Bholi' because she is a simpleton who had suffered some brain damage after falling off a cot when she was ten months old. As a result, she is slow in learning things and also stammered while speaking.

Q 2. What happened to Bholi when she was two years old? भोली जब दो वर्ष की थी तब उसे क्या हुआ था?

Ans. Bholi suffered from small pox at the age of two years. Her face and body became full of deep, black pock-marks. She was still fortunate as her eyes had remained untouched and were fine.

Q3. How did Bholi react when the teacher asked her name? शिक्षिका के नाम पूछने पर भोली ने कैसी प्रतिक्रिया दी ?

Ans. Bholi stammered while she spoke and could not tell her name completely when the teacher asked her name. She broke into tears and sat in the corner of the classsroom with her head down.

Q4. Bholi was fascinated by the walls of the classroom. Why?

भोली कक्षा की दीवारों से सम्मोहित थी क्यों?

 Ans. The walls of the classroom had bright and colourful pictures of a horse, a goat, a parrot and a cow. They all looked familiar to Bholi and were like the ones in the village. That is why she was fascinated to see those pictures.

Q5. What filled 'Bholi', a dumb cow, with a new hope in her? किसने भोली, एक मूक गाय को एक नई आशा से भर दिया?

Ans. Bholi's first day of school brought a hope of a new life. She had found a loving and kind teacher. The teacher encouraged her and gave her a book. She made Bholi feel confident about herself and filled her with courage and hope for a new life.

Q6. In what way did the village change over time? समय के साथ गाँव में किस प्रकार का बदलाव आया?

Ans. The village changed into a small town over a period of time. The primary school had become a high school. The village had a cinema and a cotton ginning mill. Now, the mail train also stopped at the village railway station.

Q7. What objections does Ramlal have to Bishamber's proposal? बिशम्बर के प्रस्ताव के प्रति रामलाल को क्या आपत्तियाँ थी?

Ans. Ramlal was not very happy with Bishamber's proposal. He did not like the fact that Bishamber was of his age. He had a limp (lameness, difficulty in walking) and his children from his first wife were quite grown up. It was not a very satisfactory proposition. But he could not do anything for her as Bholi was not beautiful like his other daughters.

Q8. Why do Bholi's parents accept Bişhamber's marriage proposal?

भोली के अभिभावकों ने बिशम्बर का प्रस्ताव क्यों स्वीकार किया?

Ans. Bholi's parents accepted Bishamber's marriage proposal because they were happy that Bishamber was well off and had not asked for dowry. They also realised that because of Bholi's looks, Bishamber would be the perfect match for


Q9. Why were Bholi' sisters envious of her luck?

भोली की बहनों को उसके भाग्य से ईर्ष्या क्यों हुई? Ans. Bishamber Nath was quite prosperous. The procession for Bholi's marriage had a brass-band and the groom rode on a decorated horse. Such pomp and show impressed everyone. All this made her sisters envious of her.

Q 10. Why did Bishamber's marriage with Bholi not take place? बिशम्बर का भोली से विवाह क्यों सम्पन्न नहीं हुआ?

Ans. Bishamber's marriage with Bholi did not take place because he had demanded a dowry of five thousand rupees from her father for the marriage. So, Bholi refused to marry him and called him a greedy coward.

Q11. Why was Ramlal thunderstruck?

रामलाल क्यों भौंचक्का था?

Ans. Ramlal had always taken his daughter to be dumb. He was thunderstruck when she loudly asked him to take back the money and declared that she was not going to marry Bishamber because of his greed.

Q12. The last line of the text talks about an artist and the masterpiece. Elaborate. गद्य की अन्तिम पंक्ति कलाकार एवं उसकी सर्वश्रेष्ठ रचना के विषय में बात करती है। व्याख्या कीजिए।

Ans. The 'artist' is the teacher and the 'masterpiece' is Bholi. It was Bholi's teacher who had turned Bholi into a strong and independent girl who was aware of her place in society. As an artist can make a masterpiece if he finds the perfect material, the teacher also transformed a simpleton (Bholi) into an educated and enlightened woman. 

Q13. What kind of mother was Ramlal's wife?

रामलाल की पत्नी कैसी माँ थी?

Ans. Ramlal's wife (Bholi's mother) was a traditional housewife who believed that daughters should not be educated as it would be difficult to find grooms for them. She neglected Bholi as she was ugly and dumb and wanted to get rid of her by marrying her off to anyone.

Q14. Describe Bholi's first day at school. भोली के स्कूल में पहले दिन का वर्णन कीजिए।

Ans. Bholi, on her first day of school, was bathed and dressed in a clean dress. Her hair was washed and oiled. She went to school with her father, looked at the beautiful pictures on the wall and got a book from her teacher.

Q15. Why did Bholi agreed to marry Bishamber? भोली ने बिशम्बर से विवाह करने के लिए सहमति क्यों दी?

Ans. Bholi agreed to marry Bishamber because she knew that her parents were worried about her marriage and she wanted to fulfill their wish and maintain their respect in society.

Q16. What happened when the veil was lifted from Bholi's face? जब भोली के चेहरे से घूँघट हटाया गया तब क्या हुआ?

Ans. When the veil was lifted from Bholi's face, Bishamber

Nath saw her pock-mark covered face and asked for a sum

of five thousand rupees as dowry to marry her.


परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से 2 Long Answer Type Questions दिए जाएँगे, जिनमें से किसी 1 का Answer दिया जाना है। प्रश्न के लिए 4 अंक निर्धारित है।

Q1. Write a character sketch of Bholi.

भोली का चरित्र चित्रण लिखिए।

Ans. Bholi had following character-traits

Simpleton Since her childhood, Sulekha was called Bholi, the simpleton. Her brain got damaged when she fell off a cot at the age of ten months hence, she became a slow child. Ugly-looking Bholi suffered from small pox when she was two years old and had developed pock-marks all over her face and body except her eyes. Her appearance became ugly and her parents were worried that no one would marry her.

Ignored by her Parents Bholi never bathed and her clothes were never washed. She wore her sister's old dresses and was ignored by everyone. Stammered Bholi learnt to speak at the age of five and stammered while speaking. Because of her stammering,everyone made fun of her and mimicked her.Sincere Student Bholi was slow at learning but because of her hard work and her teacher's motivation, she became well-educated.

Transformed into a Confident Girl Bholi's teacher encouraged Bholi and with her help, Bholi became a literate and confident girl who stood up for herself, wanted to serve her parents and who opposed the practice of dowry. 

Q2. Describe how education transformed Bholt.

शिक्षा ने भोली को किस प्रकार परिवर्तित कर दिया, वर्णन कीजिए।

Ans. Education aids growth and development and also fills one with confidence and courage. In the story. 'Bholi school and education completely transforms Bholi. Initially, she was timid and fearful, as she was ugly and stammered while speaking. She gains a hope of new life with education. She studies and grows into a courageous as well as confident woman. She gets aware of her rights. It was education which made Bholi bold enough to say 'no' to Bishamber, when he demanded five thousand rupees as dowry. She not only saves her father from a huge expense but also becomes capable to support her parents in their old age. From a girl who couldn't speak properly, she transforms into a lady who speaks strongly and is willing to become a teacher and educate others. Education changes her life and she through her education holds the power to change the society and nation. 

Q3. What do you know about Bishamber Nath? Why did Bholi refuse to marry him?

आप विशम्बर नाथ के विषय में क्या जानते हैं? भोली ने उससे विवाह करने के लिए क्यों मना कर दिया था? Ans. Bishamber Nath belonged to another village and was of the same age as Bholi's father. He was a prosperous old man who was married once and had a limp in his leg. He was a widower who had a shop and a house of his own along with a

big bank balance. The children from his first wife were quiet grown up. He did not know anything about Bholi's appearance or lack of sense and agreed to marry her without asking for dowry.

He bought a huge procession of a brass-band, relatives and friends on his wedding day. He entered the venue with a huge pomp and show that made everyone surprised. When Bholi entered the venue and her veil was pulled up. Bishamber quickly looked at her face and saw her pock-marks. He got upset and asked for a sum of 5,000 from Ramlal else he threatened to cancel the marriage. Ramlal agreed to give the dowry amount but Bholi stopped him from doing so and called Bishamber a greedy coward. She refused to marry him and assured Ramlal that she will take care of her parents and teach at the schools rather than marrying a greedy old man.


परीक्षा में Supplementary Reader के पाठों से True False Statements दिए जाएँगे। विद्यार्थियों को अपने उत्तर में केवल True या False लिखना होगा।

प्रत्येक प्रश्न के लिए 1 अंक निर्धारित है। Point out 'true' and 'false' statements in the following.

Q1. Bholi spoke fluently.

भोली एकदम साफ बोलती थी।

Ans. False, Bholi stammered while speaking.

Q2. Bholi was the only child of her parents. भोली उसके माता-पिता की अकेली सन्तान थी।

Ans. False, Bholi had many brothers and sisters.

 Q3. Bholi suffered from small-pox when she was two years old.

भोली जब दो वर्ष की थी तब उसे चेचक हो गई थी।

Ans. True

Q4. Bholi always got new clothes and dressed neatly.

भोली को सदैव नए कपड़े मिलते थे और वह सफाई से तैयार होती थी।

Ans. False, her sisters' clothes were passed on to Bholi.

Q5. Bholi liked going to school. भोली को स्कूल जाना पसन्द था।

Ans. True

Q6. Bholi's teacher was loving and made her an independent and educated girl. भोली की शिक्षिका प्रेममयी थी एवं उन्होंने उसे एक आत्मनिर्भर एवं शिक्षित लड़की बनाया।

Ans. True 

Q7. Bholi's father was a Tehsildaar. भोली के पिता एक तहसीलदार थे।

Ans. False, Bholi's father was a Numberdar.

Q8. The other two sister of Bholi were not good-looking. भोली की अन्य दो बहने सुन्दर नहीं थीं।

Ans. False, (the other) two sisters of Bholi were beautiful. 

Q9. When Bholi was ten months old, she had fallen from a cot and injured some part of her brain. भोली जब दस माह की थी तब चारपाई से गिर गई थी एवं उसके मस्तिष्क का कुछ भाग क्षतिग्रस्त हो गया था।

Ans. True

Q10. Bholi's mother was a very loving and broad-minded woman. भोली की माँ बहुत स्नेह करने वाली एवं खुले विचारों की महिला थी। Ans. False, Bholi's mother was a conservative lady.

Q11. Ramlal did not let his sons study.

रामलाल ने अपने पुत्रों को पढ़ने नहीं दिया। 

Ans. False, Ramlal's sons studied in the city.

Q 12. Bishamber was from a poor family and was marrying Bholi for money.

बिशम्बर एक गरीब परिवार से था एवं भोली से पैसों के लिए विवाह कर रहा था।

Ans. False, Bishamber was an old but wealthy man. 

Q13. Bholi was marrying Bishamber to fulfill her parents'wishes.

भोली बिशम्बर से विवाह अपने माता-पिता की इच्छा पूर्ण करने हेतु कर रही थी।

Ans. True

Q 14. The village developed into a town and had a cinema. गाँव कस्बे में विकसित हो गया था और वहाँ एक सिनेमाघर था।

Ans. True.

Q 15. Bishamber Nath came with a huge procession brass-band, relatives and friends. विशम्बर नाथ पीतल-बैण्ड, सम्बन्धियों एवं मित्रों की एक बड़ी बारात के साथ आया।

Ans. True

Q 16. Ramlal gave a sum of two thousand rupees as dowry to Bishamber Nath.

रामलाल ने विशम्बर नाथ को दो हज़ार रुपये दहेज के रूप में दिए

Ans. False, Bholi stopped Ram'al from giving dowry to Bishamber.

Q 17. Bishamber Nath was a handsome young man who had never been married.

विशम्बर नाथ एक सुन्दर युवा पुरुष था, जिसका कभी विवाह नहीं हुआ था। 

Ans. False, Bishamber Nath was an old man who was once married.

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